This Iconic Diner In Darjeeling From The British Era Serves Some Of the Best Bakes And Teas
Image Credit: Ayandrali Dutta

If visiting Darjeeling, your trip is not complete if you don’t manage to grab a breakfast or a meal at Glenary’s; one of Darjeeling’s oldest and the finest eatery. Glenary's Bakery & Cafe, that’s also known as the Glenary's Cake Shop is located in the busy street Nehru Road, stone throw from Mall road of Darjeeling at the ground floor of an old heritage two storied white colonial building. As you walk past the street the big board of the shop will catch your attention as the name is much prominently displayed. This diner/ bakery that has been there since British colonial days today happens to be an important landmark of Darjeeling. 

Run by the Edwards family, Glenary’s has a track record which goes century old of serving customers since ages. The bakery and restaurant once were called Vado after its Italian owner and later Pliva. While after independence, the place was bought by a Patna-based family. Later in 1959 it was Late A. T. Edwards, a local who worked there since 1945, was offered the role of manager. Few years later his family later bought the property. Once they bought the place he changed the name to Glenary’s keeping the spirit of the place the same. You can still the first day sale that is listed in the restaurant which amounted to Rs.396.00!

The upper floor sees a restaurant which also has a lovely outdoor seating where you can see a part of the city and most opt for that only, while the inside diners get to enjoy some real good live music. The huge French windows open directly to the road. While the ground floor sees a lovely old school bakery where each day all stuff is freshly prepared. The aroma of the freshly baked cakes and muffins and more is purely feels like heaven. The dinning area is pretty large sees old school wooden table and chairs along with some metallic vase with fresh flowers. The ceiling is painted green and off white and sees some intricate wood work. The entire place sees a touch of Victorian style of architecture. The basement is the Buzz Bar which is a modern pub. The interiors are much like any bar in London and yes, the place too also sees live music in evening. Don’t miss to spot the vintage typewriter at the Glenary’s. 

This place is known to serve some of the best breakfast. From sandwiches, pizzas, pastries, burgers, rolls, pies, sausages, cakes and yes not to miss some of the finest blend of tea’s this place is delight in morning. But not to be disheartened if you come in evening as that calls for some of the best hot toddy and mulled wine along with some mac and cheese or golden butter prawns. 

If you want to pack some delights on your way back then surely their lemon tarts, fruit cakes, muffins, rolls, pies, croissant and burger buns makes for a great choice. This landmark of Darjeeling is surely should be bookmarked for your next visit to this queen of hills.