This Hug Day, Try These 3 Desserts That Feel Like A Warm Hug Of Love
Image Credit: Pixabay, From cinnamon rolls to mug brownies, there so many desserts that can give you love and warmth.

The joy and thrill of receiving gifts from your loved ones is supreme. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or festivals, your near and dear ones get to express their love for you through these gifts. But what about your special someone? Partners often get neglected in the face of the rest of the family and friends, even though they form an integral part of our lives. Valentine’s week is a great time to show them how you feel about them and share your feelings. Little did you know that it is not just materialistic gifts that are a way of expressing love. Small acts of kindness and gestures can also go a long way in bringing a smile on their face. 

Today is that day. Hug day. Go up to your partner and hold them tight, letting go of all inhibitions and shower each other with loads of affection and warmth. Wait, did we say warmth? No celebration is complete without some sweet bites. Desserts form a core part of celebrations across the globe, cutting across cultures, classes, genders and religions. You may shy away from showing physical affection at times which might confuse your partner. However, there is one thing that can make up for it. Desserts. 

Sweetmeats could be anything, ranging from a simple halwa or bread pudding to a chocolate cake or mousse. The idea is to find the dessert which strikes the right chord with your partner and brings you two closer to each other this Valentine’s. We have curated some special V-day desserts that would feel like a warm hug of love. 

1.  Cinnamon Rolls 

Made with the goodness of cinnamon and a strong aroma of the spice, the soft buns are twisted into rolls and slathered with a drizzle of cream. The use of vanilla essence brings a distinct flavour and these rolls literally melt in your mouth like a hug. 

2.  Mug Brownie

Gooey and fudgy brownies are the ultimate dessert for your special someone. Quick and easy to make, these brownies can be made in a mug, simply by whipping all the ingredients like flour, cocoa powder, oil, sugar and salt in milk and microwaving it for one minute.

3.  Apple Pies 

Give yourself a warm hug with these homemade apple pies. The crunch of the apples with the fruitiness of orange zest brings the pie to another level. Baked with a super-crusty outer layer, the inside is soft, chunky and sweet.