This Hilarious Video Explaining Different Types Of Chips Eaters Is Going Viral
Image Credit: | This Hilarious Video Explaining Different Types Of Chips Eaters Is Going Viral

It is one thing to have self-control and another to practice it in front of a bowl of chips. No seriously, just open a bag of chips, and you’d see the strongest of them crumble.  If it is a larger group, the chips would disappear within a matter of minutes, and interestingly almost everyone has a unique way to grab chips. If you have not noticed it so closely, here’s a video that may help you ‘identify’ these chips-eaters in your group.  

The hilarious reel posted @chefkoudy has clocked in close to 433k views in less than 3 days, and people cannot help but relate. In the video, chef Koudy can be seen holding a tray full of different chips demonstrating the way people often eat chips, starting with the regular ‘ Single Chipser’, who would pick only one chip at a time, while maintaining eye contact. The next in line were the ‘multi-chipsers’, who would stuff their mouth with multiple chips at a go, just so you know, they do not regret it later? Then come the uber sophisticated ‘chopstickers’, who’d rather grab their chips with chopsticks than stain their hands.  

Next, he chose to recognize the ‘fast eaters’, you know, the ones who would have finished half the tray, while you only blinked twice. Then of course, who can forget the ‘Flippers’, who are always up for adventure, even when seated next to a bowl of chips. They have to flip the chips in the air and then catch it in their mouth to amuse themselves, because the easy way out is just no fun.

Then there are the ‘finger-lickers’, who have to lick their fingers after each chips they tuck into and use the same fingers to grab another pair of chips, and the ‘clothes wiper’, who may not lick their fingers after eating chips, but they certainly have to wipe it on their t-shirts. Disgusted much?  

Do you have any of these ‘chips-eaters’ in your group? Do let us know. And in case you are planning a house party of sorts, we have some ideas for you. Here are 5 types of chips you can add to your menu.  

1. Pita chips: A very easy recipe to use up those left-over pita breads. Cut them in thin strips, season them well and then fry or bake. These crispy chips are bound to win everyone over.  

2. Potato chips: The classic potato chips, seasoned with salt and light spices. How can you ever go wrong with this.  

3. Banana chips: The Kerala-special.  Banana chips are easily one of the most addictive chips we have ever had, and only recently we discovered that they are so easy to make at home too. Just slice your bananas really thin, season them with masalas and deep fry in coconut oil.

4. Kale chips: For the health and fitness enthusiasts out there. These crispy Kale chips are not deep-fried, they make for a nice low-carb and low cal snack for everyone.

5. Red chillies nachos chips: Love Nachos, now give this Mexican favourite a hot twist, with this recipe. Pair with any zingy, creamy dip and chomp away.