This Haryanvi Pulao Has Aloo, Chutney And All You Need For An Authentic Lunch
Image Credit: Poonam Bacchav/Instagram, Filled with baby potatoes coated in green chutney, this Haryanvi pulao is an easy lunch recipe.

While Punjab and Haryana share their capitals, their culture, tastes, food habits and lifestyles are different in certain ways. The agriculturally-rich states of India which are also a major source of the anaaj of our country follow a very simple and rustic lifestyle. Deeply connected to their roots through their occupation and hearts, Haryana is popularly known as the Land Of Rotis. From wheat to jowar and bajra, there’s hardly anything that doesn’t grow on the fertile lands of Haryana. Their daily diet comprises of an abundance of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. 

This is essential, given the fact that they are involved in intense physical labour under the sun throughout the day. Dairy products like milk and ghee are extracted from their own or neighbouring dairy farms which ensures good quality, unprocessed produce. Similarly, their fruits and vegetables are also free from any colourings or inadequate storage effects. They lead a very simple and basic life, with extremely easy and not-so-lavish food. From the Haryanvi kitchens, we’ve fetched a delicious lunch recipe that could come in handy. 

Haryanvi Aloo Chutney Pulao 

Pulao, for those untouched by the phenomenon, is a one-pot rice dish that can be eaten for lunch or dinner. The pulao could be filled with vegetables or meat, it could be savoury or sweet but one thing that remains constant is the easy of making it. It is often said that biryani and pilaf are the successors of pulao. The rice is soaked in water and cooked along with vegetables, meat and other ingredients through slow-cooking. 

It doesn’t need too many ingredients and is a simple hack to prepare lunch when you’re in a hurry or don’t have enough vegetables at home. Since the life of farmers in states like Haryana usually comprises of long hours of toil on the field, it is not possible for them to head back home for lunch each day. To prepare something early in the morning is also a task so this pulao recipe is the easiest to make. 

This pulao brings out some of the most authentic flavours of Haryanvi cuisine to one’s plate. As the name suggests, the pulao comprises of potatoes and chutney, the two most significant components of the dish. Baby potatoes are dunked into a pool of rice and spruced up with mint and coriander chutney. While this may not sound something out of the ordinary, it is a staple in the region. 

To prepare aloo chutney pulao, you need to start by rinsing the rice with water and soaking it in water for some time. Meanwhile, the green chutney can be prepared. For that, you would need some mint leaves, coriander leaves, chopped green chillies, garlic and amchur powder for the tanginess. Grind all of this together until it forms a thick paste. The baby potatoes are peeled and poked with a fork for marination. The green chutney is added to the potatoes while keeping some for later. Once the potatoes are coated in the chutney, a pan is heated with bay leaves, onions and other whole spices to be sautéed. 

The marinated potatoes are added to it and then the soaked rice is drained of its water and added too. All this is mixed together with salt, red chilli powder and the remaining green chutney. Once it is mixed well, the pulao is served hot with a bowl of curd. 

Here’s a detailed recipe that you can try for lunch.