This Greek-Themed Restaurant In Gurgaon Is Mesmerising
Image Credit: Plaka interiors

From an IT hub of the country, Gurgaon has come a long way, making it a preferred destination for foodies. Late night food hunts or mid-day snack breaks, this place is abuzz with epicureans. Tapping such opportunities, numerous eateries are foraying into this area and marking their presence. The latest entrant is Plaka, a stunningly beautiful Greece-themed restaurant. During my recent visit to Delhi, one of the evenings, my friend took me to this new eatery located in Cyber Hub Gurgaon.

The name says it all

What appeals to the eyes soothes your tastebuds; this holds true for this artfully done eatery that oozes a sophisticated aura. There is a calming effect as you dine here. Even the name of this eatery is thoughtfully chosen. "The name resonates with the 'neighbourhood of the Gods'- the holy city of Greece," informed Priykant Gautam, Director of Simpatico Hospitality Pvt Ltd. He also adds that the aim is to introduce the city to Greek Mediterranean-themed hospitality and cuisine, clubbed with a classic dining experience.


As mentioned, Plaka represents the milieu of Greece. It reflects gorgeously in its interiors and exteriors. The atmosphere has been kept as authentically Greek as possible, extending seamlessly across this space. There is a cosy non-monotone surrounding charm in blue and white gentle colours. While the corners exude vibrancy. 

 A soothing interior in blue and white

What's on the menu

Located at Cyber Hub Gurgaon, this one-month-old eatery serves the finest Greek and Turkish grubs. There is a segment of continental along with mixed cuisine options too.  I started my culinary expedition with Paddu. These little balls, made of black lentils and rice, are said to be an original Chettinad dish and are also known by the name paniyaram or ponganalu. Its crunchiness is a good starter. 

Although I am not a great fan of momos, the staff suggested giving Edamame and Truffle Dimsum a try. This steamed veg dimsum consists of an edamame foundation blended with garlic, ginger, salt, and black truffle oil. Its USP is the truffle flavour. Nonvegetarians can opt for Chicken Gyoza and Prawn Kafir Lime.

Edamame and Truffle Dimsum 

There are also good options for Baos. The hot sultry day asked me to have something with a cooling effect. Thus, the watermelon with feta cheese salad appeared as the apt choice from the menu. 

Watermelon salad with feta

Thinking about something vegetarian yet exotic, I ordered Pate Paneer. Pate is a famous continental delicacy consisting of a paste prepared using paneer and vegetables. It is a spread that was served with bread.  

For those who drool over pizza and their heart beats equally for Turkish cuisines, this place has the best of both worlds for them. The crunchy Turkish Lamb pizza is worth a try. This dish is a spicy lamb flatbread topped with vegetables. It is referred to as Lahmacun, well-liked street food in Turkey.


Baklawa and Kunafa are the ultimate choices for those with a sweet tooth. One can also go for a full course meal with soups, starters, sides, entrée, beverages and desserts.   

Refresh some nostalgic moments or create lasting memories while bonding over its arty cocktails. Thanks to having the industry's best mixology. They know how to lift your spirit up. I opted for Watermelon Kafir Lime, in which the fresh melon is muddled with kafir lime leaves and then served in a glass with a top layer of lemonade. In addition, the retro bar offers a live grill, live music all seven days, and take away with the dine-in facility. The team of Plaka includes a mix of young enthusiasts and seasoned professionals from around the world.  

I was told you can spend an extended evening till the wee hours (2AM). So, now you know where to head in the Cyberhub, Gurgaon.