‘Sona kitna sona hai….’, this is the first line that came to my mind when I heard of the special gold-plated sweet being sold at a sweet shop in Delhi. Although I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, yet when it comes to trying something new and extraordinary, I’m always the first in line. I love experimenting with my taste buds and giving my tongue a chance to explore the unknown. If I begin by telling you the weird food dares I’ve had to deal with in the past, you might be scarred for life. Well, that’s the fun in trying new things, you never know what you’re up for. 

However, if that something new is making a huge hole in your pocket, then you might just give it a second thought. Recently, an Instagram user @oye.foodieee posted a reel of a gold-plated mithai on his account which left the netizens amazed. Being sold by Shagun Sweets, a bakery located in the Maujpur area of Delhi, as tagged by the blogger, the shop is charging an exorbitant price of INR 16,000 for a single piece of the mithai. Don’t believe us? Here, take a look. 

Source: Oye Foodie/Instagram 

In the video, the mithai is loaded with ghee and placed in a huge steel tray. The person unravels a gold sheet from the packet and presses it on top of the huge rectangular bar of sweet. Once the entire bar is covered in gold, he slices them into smaller cubes with a knife and carefully sprinkles a few strands of Kashmiri saffron on each cube. Finally, each of these cubes are sold separately at INR16K. The video is captioned saying, “₹16000/- Per KG Gold plated Meethai. Tag your Rich friend who would try this ❤”. 

This is not the first time that such a costly gold-plated mithai has been in news. Here are some of the most expensive mithais from across India. 

1.  Suvrana Mithai, Mumbai 

Loaded with top-notch pistachios from Oman and Italy as well as special Iranian variety of almonds, the suvrana mithai is priced at INR 9000 per kg. The rare and rich ingredients that go into the making of this special mithai is what makes it so expensive. In case you are in the mood to try, head to Prashant Corner in Thane for this extravagant experience. 

Source: Prashant Corner/Instagram

2.  Gold Ghari, Gujarat

Laden with 24-karat gold, the Gold ghari was launched during the Chandi Padvo festival by a sweet shop based in Surat. Costing about INR 9000 per kilo, this pure gold ghari is a rich and expensive version of a traditional ghari sweet that is popular in the region. It is believed that gold is healthy for consumption according to Ayurveda and so is the sweet, as mentioned in a report by Times of India. 

                Source: ANI/Twitter 

3.  Gold Besan Ladoos, Delhi 

A twin-specialty ladoo, this creation by the Arq Workshop in Delhi is no ordinary besan ladoo. Dusted in a layer of edible gold, as soon as you break one, you’ll dive into a heavenly taste of the French Valrhona Chocolate. Due to this, the besan ladoos range from 21k-31k per kg. 

Source: Arq Mithai/Instagram