This German Food Blogger’s Vegan Malai Kofta Has Impressed Indian Foodies
Image Credit: Source: Freepik

If there’s any dietary practice that the majority of the population is moving towards, then it is veganism. Over the recent years, most are seen to turn vegan so that they can adopt to an eco-friendly and sustainable dietary practice. Although the change seems quite a task for the non-vegans, the benefits surely outweigh the challenges. Needless to say, a plant-based diet not only benefits the ecosystem but also the individual in terms of nutrition.

With the greater population moving towards veganism, numerous food bloggers have taken to their social media accounts to post about easy vegan swaps of some of our favourite dishes. Although it becomes quite easy for other cuisines to adapt to the change, Indian cuisine with its rich and robust flavours and an assortment of ingredients finds it a difficult nut to crack. However, sensing the same, numerous food bloggers are now taking to the internet to post vegan swaps of some famous Indian delicacies and we Indians are all about them. One such video by a German food blogger with the username @fitgreenmind has taken the internet by storm. The blogger has tried making the OG Indian favourite malai kofta in the video but vegan. Take a look yourself:

As seen in the video, the blogger has swapped paneer with tofu to make her kofta balls. She then fried them till they are crispy and proceeds to make her sauce. Now here comes the interesting part- the most important ingredient in the kofta sauce is cream and many have given up on the vegan version because of difference in texture and flavours of the gravy from the plant-based swaps. To get the same creamy texture, the food blogger has added full-fat coconut milk to her gravy and blends everything with a hand blender. She then adds the gravy to the kofta balls and serves them with a garnish of coconut milk.

The video has been viewed 1.3 million times and liked by 79k people ever since it was uploaded. The comments section is filled with appreciation from her viewers. Take a look at the comments:

“You make it look effortless! When I cook my kitchen is a mess!”


“Looks delicious 😋”

Will you try this vegan malai kofta at home? Let us know.