This Fusion Tandoori Kulcha Omelette In Delhi Is Winning Hearts
Image Credit: Tandoori Kulcha Omlette

Indians have a penchant for street food and it’s not a secret anymore. How we love all kinds of street food is prevalent with the way we nosh on any new dish that is introduced in our local market. A new shawarma vendor is up? We’ll go try it. A new fusion momo is introduced, and you’ll have a whole crowd trying it out. That’s how we love street food. It just seems like the food prepared on the streets just tastes yummier than restaurant food, it is just something we all agree on. 

And now that the evolution of fusion food is taking place, the internet is full of bizarre foods that almost always manage to find a spotlight on the internet. The crazier the dish sounds, the more people are curious about what it tastes like! Adding to the list of fusion foods that can amaze you, we have found another street food that has piqued people’s interest on the internet. A vendor has created a dish called tandoori kulcha omelette, a fusion of desi omelette that is impressing people online. 

The staple breakfast of bread-omelette, mixed-veg omelette and chicken-omelette are common. This Delhi street food vendor, however, decided to add a double desi twist by replacing the bread with the beloved kulcha and adding a tandoori tadka to the whole dish. In the video, shared by food blogger Lakshay Talreja on his Instagram handle @thefoodieshub, we see the vendor prepare a desi omelette with tandoori masala, spices, tomatoes and onions. Next, the vendor cooks the omelette on the tawa and tops it with cheese slices. Then, he folds the omelette and places it in between two kulchas, along with mayonnaise and masalas. The omelette sandwiched between kulcha is then cooked in a generous amount of butter. The video has garnered over 415k views along with more than 20k likes so far. 

While many fusion dishes have faced heavy criticism, primarily for the heavy use of cheese and butter, this tandoori omelette has surprisingly impressed a lot of people online. Here's what people mentioned in the comments: 



"Wow this is awesome" 

"Omg looks amazing would love to try it" 

"Tasty omelette" 

What do you think about this fusion omelette? Would you try it? Let us know.