This Fruit Ice Cream May Not Have Wings, But It Can Definitely Fly; See How
Image Credit: Screengrab of viral video/Instagram, Would you like to try this flying fruit ice cream?

The millennials of this era are hooked on to their phones and constantly in loop of the latest trends and happenings. Their virtual connections sometimes end up being stronger than real-life ones. In order to cater to this new generation, we see several cafes, recreation spots and hangout zones come up each day. Most of them have photo booths and Instagrammable corners inside which attract eyeballs. The desire to get clicked at the newest hubs in town is on our minds. Alongside, they have a few USPs which garner the attention of the food enthusiasts, food bloggers and food lovers. 

If there is a fire paan being served at one end of the city, you’ll find lots of people queued up to try it the next day. Then there have been several weird and bizarre experiments too in this time. You’ve got someone making oreo pakodas while others are cooking their maggi in a pool of fanta. However, this time we’ve got a cool dish for you, which is far from these crazy combinations. It is the Flying Fruit ice cream. Yes, take a look. 

Source: The Lost Chefff/Instagram

Being sold at Swirls Bakery and Café, this fruit ice cream is available in the Kavi Nagar district of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. In the video, the ice cream seller first takes a scoop of vanilla, strawberry and mango ice cream each. He mixes all of them on the frozen slab by chomping them with knives. Once they blend into a mixture, he adds some dried and sweetened fruit along with gems and chops it all together. Then comes the best part, the ice cream takes its flight. He throws the entire dough of ice cream into the air and it falls flat on the frozen surface. He gather the ice cream, scoops it in a waffle cone, adds some colourful sprinklers, gems and tops it with a wafer. 

He takes a plastic cup and drops in some dry ice in it. Finally, he places the waffle cone on top of it and it’s ready. This video was shared by @thelostcheff on his Instagram handle and has garnered 41.6k views. Would you like to try this ice cream? 

If not, here are three delicious ice cream flavours you can make at home. 

1.  Nolen Gurer Ice Cream 

Made with palm jaggery, this creamy and smooth ice cream is loaded with natural sweeteners. 

2.  Chocolate Ice Cream 

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