This Dosa Lasagna Brings The Best Of India And Italy On A Plate

Is there any Indian food as versatile as the dosa? You can have it plain, stuff it with aloo, cheese, noodles, and whatnot. Cut them in pieces, roll them up, the choice is yours. You can also choose a variety of flours to make the batter of the dosa, but have you ever used a dosa to make a lasagna? 

For the uninitiated, lasagna is an Italian dish, possibly one of the oldest pasta preparations known to mankind. It is made with wide, flat sheets that are stacked together with alternate fillings such as ragù, vegetables, cheeses, and seasonings and spices, like Italian seasonings, such as garlic, oregano, and basil. It may or may not be topped with grated cheese and is a baked dish. Now you may wonder, when, where and how can you fit an Indian dosa in this dish? That is where the sheer creativity of the recipe comes into place.  

Dosa Lasagna is an adapted lasagna recipe, where instead of the pasta sheets, you use your leftover dosa and lay it flat. The masala or the fried potatoes act as other fillings and the stirred coconut sauce adds to the creaminess to the lasagna, bringing in some moist comfort and binding it together, as a whole. This genius recipe is so easy and creative that you can try making it with your kids. You do not even need an army of ingredients, just some left-over dosas, potato bhaji, and coconut chutney or sauce are good enough.

Here’s what you need to do, place the dosa on a clean dry surface and spread some portion of potato bhaji in a single row in the centre. Roll it up tightly, and cut the stuffed dosa diagonally into two. Repeat the step with other dosas. Now, before serving, pour a part of the coconut sauce onto a flat, baking dish. Place the cut dosas in a line, pour the remaining sauce and bake. The dosa would come out so soft and tender and the contrast provided by potatoes enhances the flavour in every bite.  

Now doesn’t that sound like a cakewalk? Here is the step-by-step recipe. Try this recipe soon and let us know how you liked it. Do not forget to share the pictures. Make sure you serve the dosas hot, else they may harden very soon, to enjoy them soft and creamy, eat fresh.