This Diwali, Wanna Try Most Expensive Sweets From India?

Sweets are an integral part of India and when there is a festival, there is nothing but sweets all around. Diwali is almost here, and we are quite excited to indulge in some of the mouth-watering desserts. One can find an array of mithais in India with different sizes, flavours, textures, colours, and prices. But there are some mithais that are soo expensive that you might have to think not once, not twice but thrice before buying them. No, we are not bluffing. Here are some of the most expensive mithais in India.

The Exotica

This has to be on the first as it can literally cost you a fortune. This is one of the most expensive mithais costing Rs 50,000 per kg. This mithai which is exotic by name as well as price is manufactured by Chhappan Bhog, a well-known premium sweet manufacturer from Lucknow. This premium mithai has ingredients from South Africa, Australia, Europe, and the USA. No wonder, this mithai is from Nawabon ka Shahar.

Arq Besan Laddo

Artwork from the Arq workshop in Delhi is indeed a luxury. No, it is not your regular besan ka laddo but with French Valrhona chocolate inside. Here comes the most important part. This besan ka laddo is not just creative but too expensive. This mithai, dusted with a layer of edible gold, range from Rs 21000 to Rs 31000 per kg.

                                        Image credits: Luxebook

Suvrana Mithai

This premium mithai is sold by Prashant Corner of Mumbai’s Thane. This mithai costs Rs 9000 per kg and we are literally shocked. As per a report by ScoopWhoop, these mithais are made up of organic Mamra almonds which are native to Iran. These almonds are known to be high in fiber and protein. When are you trying this mithai?

                                        Image credits: Webdunia

Gold Ghari

Launched during the Chandi Fadvo festival, this sweet was the brainchild of a sweet shop in Gujarat. This is an expensive and rich version of the traditional Ghari sweet and is laden with 24-karat gold. It costs around Rs 9000 per kg, thanks to its gold leaf covering. It is believed by the shop owner that gold is considered a very beneficial metal in Ayurveda. Thus, this sweet is healthy as well, as mentioned in a report by the Times of India.

Kohinoor Gold Halwa

Another premium mithai from the city of Nawabs is Kohinoor Gold Halwa. This sweet which costs Rs 4000 per kg is sold by Rehmat Ali Sweet Corner. This mithai has gold and silver sheets, milk, pine nuts, and dried fruits. This would be a perfect premium mithai to be served to your premium guests this Diwali.

                                       Image credits: Zomato

Happy Diwali!!