The humble chapati is going places and it is about time, don’t you think? Chapati or roti is a round Indian flatbread made from wheat flour, roasted gently on a non-greased tawa. It is typically paired with sabzi, dal and chicken, etc, but the versatile flatbread is becoming quite a sensation in the world of fusion food too. From Roti Burrito to Roti Pasta, the list of quirky roti dishes that have gone viral recently is long and varied. 

Lately, a recipe video of Roti Pizza by YouTuber Raksha Ki Rasoi is creating quite a stir on the video-sharing website. Within four days of going live, the video has clocked more than 1.6 million views and is now officially trending. In the video, the home chef can be seen cutting the roti into small strips and frying them, she then uses it as a base for her pizza which she tops with grated cheese, chutney, and veggies. She then uses a kadhai to bake her pizza, as opposed to using a microwave or oven. Intrigued much? Let’s see how it is pulled off.  

For the recipe, two rotis are rolled up and cut into thin strips. In a kadhai filled with hot oil, the roti strips are then fried on high flame until they turn golden brown. The process shouldn’t take more than 2-3 minutes. These crispy bits are then transferred onto a plate and allowed to cool down. Then an aluminium plate is covered with foil, and the roti strips are spread across the plate making a strong base for the pizza. A spoonful of tomato ketchup is spread on the base, this is followed by grated processed or mozzarella cheese. Following this, she adds sliced onions, carrots and capsicum, alongside chopped tomatoes, green chilies and boiled/frozen peas. This is followed by Maggi masala or chaat masala and more grated cheese. A sprinkle of oregano and chilli flakes go in next and the pizza is ready to be baked. In a kadhai, she adds a spoonful of water and places a stand on top of which the plate of pizza is put carefully. A lid covers the kadhai and the pizza is baked for 3-4 minutes.

The comments section of the video is filled with reactions of all kinds, while some found the recipe utterly bizarre, and preferred ordering a pizza at home, some seemed to be genuinely impressed by the unique recipe. If you do not have a pizza base or are sick of the store-bought ones, you can definitely try this desi base, it will be definitely crunchier. An alternative way would be to use the full roti as a base if you like your pizza base thin and soft.  

How did you like this viral recipe? Do let us know. Watch the full video here.