This Desi Drink Is MS Dhoni’s Guilty Pleasure

It would not be incorrect to summarise the emotion for Chai in the words of Veteran Cricketer and Former Indian Team Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who refers to Chai as his greatest guilty pleasure. In one of his interviews, the well-known cricketer said that he would never say no to a cup of 'Chai,' and that it is the one thing he always seeks when he travels for tournaments. Even for someone like MS Dhoni, who is known for his thin and fit appearance, resisting the lure of Chai is difficult. Here's more on his crush on Chai.

Guilty Pleasure

In one of his recent interviews, he expressed his affection for tea in a touching way. When asked what one desi food he always desires and considers his guilty pleasure? The humble cricketer refers to himself as "old school" and shows his love for tea. "It's not something extremely enormous," he said of his feelings for Chai. One thing that comes to mind is tea, which contains sugar and milk. Tea is very important to us, perhaps because we come from a generation that never says no to tea."

He went on to remark, "Whenever I go for practice, if someone offers me a cup of tea, it becomes really tough to say no." When offered a Gulab Jamun or Jalebi, you can say no right immediately, but when asked for tea, you answer, "Acha, let's have it!" Guilt sets in because milk and sugar are both present in tea. So, after practice, or if given the opportunity, before practice or after the gym, we drink tea. And tea is one of those things that you just can't say no to. That is why it is considered a guilty pleasure.

Chai, An Emotion

Chai is more than simply a drink for most Indians; it is that sukh-dukh ka sathi that lingers with you until your soul finds rest in that cup of tea served with affection. Ms Dhoni is such a fan of Chai that he was recently seen sipping tea with his new pet Macaw called 'Honey.' Sakshi, his wife, shared the adorable photo on Instagram.