This Delhi Diner’s All-New Cocktail Menu Is Worth A Try
Image Credit: Tiramisu Fashioned/One8 Commune

Weekends are usually days of lazing around and relaxing with family and friends. No wonder Sunday brunches are such a hit. What if we told you that you could pair your plate with some lip-smacking cocktails too? Wouldn’t that be the ideal brunch scene? From fresh berries to fruity flavours, several infusions can be added to a glass of cocktail.

Nestled in a lane of West Delhi, this luxury dining space offers an all-new cocktail menu by Neeraj Sharma, Head Mixologist, to make your weekends perfect. With plush outdoor seating and cosy yet vibrant interiors, One8 Commune in Punjabi Bagh can be the perfect hangout spot to chill. Owned and run by cricketer, Virat Kohli, the restaurant has opened many outlets across the city as well as one in Mumbai.

With a vision to transition from summer to mid-winter and rejoice the time of festivities, their cocktail menu has all things bright and beautiful to sip on. We picked the most popular one from the menu called Ginny Blossom. One sip in and we were quite satisfied with the taste, as it did full justice to the expectations the name has set. A gin-based cocktail with an infusion of chamomile lent crisp yet floral flavour to the drink. With hints of peach and mint peeping in through the green apple blend, the flavour of gin was enhanced and was singing together perfectly. It was more on a nice tangy- sweet side but definitely a really refreshing drink.

Source: Sundowner Spritzer/One8 Commune

Next up was a ‘berry-licious’ pick that was definitely not a mishap. Named Berry Mishap, the cocktail is perfect for those who love to sip on something sweet with their meal. The berry shrub syncs really well with the slightly tangy flavour of pineapple mixed with gin. Taking a break from a hearty and sugary cocktail, one can cleanse the palate with a neat and refreshing concoction called the Sundowner Spritzer. This light and bubbly combination of Aperol, fizz and malta give way to a delightful flavour.

Source: Fiery Chicken Dimsums/One8 Commune

This drink can be paired with some fiery chicken dimsums. The spicy chicken dumplings had a juicy and spicy filling with a soft and smooth outer layer. Paired with a hot sauce, the dimsums and spritzer steal the show. Since the refreshing taste of the cocktail satiated the appetite and cooled us off, we headed to the Tiramisu Fashioned.

Source: Tiramisu Fashioned/One8 Commune

Apprehensive about the taste at first, the cocktail turned out to be a drink and dessert. Bits of tiramisu and brownie dunked in a cocktail glass is every dessert lover’s dream come true. The heavenly taste of this whiskey-based Gentleman’s Jack cocktail was all things toasty yet evocative. It wasn’t very complex but packed with plenty of spice and citrus. This one was definitely a wholesome drink in itself and one could surely finish the meal with this concoction. Then there were others too like the Marmalade sour, which was a tangy take on whiskey sour or Picanto Okurr which gave way to a spicy tequila flair with additional jalapenos and coriander.

Source: Smoke Marmalade Sour/One8 Commune

If you’re craving a sweet cocktail, try this Gin Berry concoction.  


  • 45 ml cranberry juice  
  • 15 ml lemon juice  
  • 45 ml dry gin  
  • 45 ml black raspberry liqueur  


  • Add in the raspberry liqueur and dry gin.  
  • Shake it well and toss in some lime juice.  
  • Add the cranberry juice in the end and shake up the concoction.  
  • Serve in a cocktail glass with a charred orange at one edge of the glass.