This Crispy Salsa Potato Recipe Is Perfect For Monsoon

Be it a weekday or a weekend, we would always need a delicious snack to go through. Be it mid-day snack on a work day, or an evening snack to chill over the weekend. And honestly, when talking about something delectable, what can be better than a crunchy, crispy snack of potatoes? One of the most popular options, potatoes are widely used in all kinds of cuisines, and let’s just agree that there is hardly any potato dish that tastes bad. Be it din curries, dry sabzis, breads and even as snacks. So, if you also want to have another yummy snack made with potatoes- we have just the perfect one to try this rainy season.  

Roasted potato salsa is a delicious, healthier version of the fried ones, which comes tossed in a mix of spices and herbs, making it an absolute lip-smacking snack to savour. With the monsoon season at its peak, we all usually crave something crunchy and crispy, and while pakodas, bhajiyas and cultets are a staple, this potato salsa is sure to give you a delightful change. An ideal recipe to try in this rainy and chilly weather, once you make this recipe, we are sure you will keep coming back to it.  

Quick, easy and simple, potato salsa can be easily made as soon as the cloud starts to make noise, and also when you have unexpected guests at home.  While fries are usually deep–fried, a healthier alternative is to either air-fry them or even bake them. In this recipe, we’ve roasted potato fries.  And when you make it, don't forget to pair them with a yummy garlic dip. 

Salsa Potato Recipe: Here's How To Make Salsa Potatoes 

The recipe starts with chopping the potatoes into small pieces. Pre-heat the oven for about five minutes at 150 degree C. Bake the potatoes in the oven till crispy. Meanwhile make the salsa by adding all the spices and herbs. When the potatoes are roasted, combine them with the spice mix. Finally, top this with fresh tomatoes and onions, and serve! Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Find the full recipe below: 


2 Potatoes (boiled) 

½ tsp Red chilli powder 

½ tsp Black Pepper 

½ tsp Coriander Powder 

Salt as per taste 

1 Onion (small)  

1 Tomato 

1 tbsp Lemon 

½ Green chilli (chopped, optional) 


. Pre heat the oven for five minutes at 150 degrees Celsius. 

. Now, take boiled potatoes and chop them in small pieces.  

. Then put the potatoes in the pre-heated oven and let them roast till crisp. You can add some oil over it  

. Now, till the potatoes are roasted, take a small bowl and add salt, pepper, red chilli powder and cumin powder, and mix well. 

. Then finely chop tomato and onion in another bowl. 

. Once the potatoes are roasted, take them out and combine with the spice mix. 

. Top the potatoes with fresh tomatoes and onions and serve.