This Bhelpuri Comes With A 24-Karat Gold Plating

The street food of India is a variegated affair. At one corner you will find deep-fried potato patties inside a deep-fried bun, a few steps ahead you can stumble upon a bhutta wala, selling roasted corn cobs with a sprinkle of chaat masala and lemon juice, inarguably one of the healthiest Indian street foods out there. Bhelpuri is also often counted among the ‘lighter’ Indian street foods in comparison because of its components. It typically comprises puffed rice, chopped onions, tomatoes, chillies and sev. Since there are exquisite items used to rustle up a Bhelpuri, it is also, usually priced nominally. But what if we told you that this bhelpuri from Indore sells for Rs 2,121?  

You heard us, this 24k Mahalaxmi Golden Bhel is creating quite a stir online for its preparation and ingredients used. The video posted by popular YouTube channel India Eat Mania shows a man assembling a one-of-a-kind bhelpuri from scratch. He starts with what he calls the ‘Taiwanese walnuts’, next he adds some peanuts, sev and chopped onions. To add more colour and crunch to the bhelpuri, he tops it up with generous amounts of chopped tomatoes, chopped cabbage, chopped carrots, pomegranate seeds and chopped coriander leaves. Heaps of chaat masala go in next, followed by lemon juice. The bhel is tossed nicely and served on a special Golden Thali.  

The man makes a bed of papris on the thali and spreads his nutty, spicy and tangy bhel mixture on top. He further uses regular and spicy mayonnaise to top his ‘bhelpuri’, which he dubs as chutneys made of herbs from the great Amazon forest in his entertaining commentary that continues till the end of the video. Some grated cheese is also spread all across the bhel. Cut kiwis, grapes and guavas also make it to this unique bhelpuri. ‘The one who eats it will be treated as a royal, for this treat is for royalty only’, the man can be heard saying in the video after he puts a garland across the neck of a visitor. The most fascinating part of the bhelpuri is a pure gold leaf or varq that he places carefully on top of his bhelpuri.  Watch the video here.

The comments section is abuzz with mixed reactions. While some were awestruck, some seemed a little peeved. “Isko khaana hai ki showcase me saja ke rakhna hai (am I supposed to eat it or keep it on my showcase?) (sic),” read one of the witty comments, “bhel kham fruit salad zyaada lag raha hai (it resembles a fruit salad more than an actual bhel) (sic),” another user wrote. Of course, there were remarks about the exorbitant price too, “Bhaiya hum gareebo ke liye bhi bhel banate ho kya ya loan pe khaye ye bhel (do you make bhel for regular-prized bhel for regular people too, or need I secure a loan to just have one portion of bhel) (sic),” a comment read.   

What do you think about this bhel? If you are craving for regular bhel then fret not, we have just the right recipe for you too.