This Barule Chaat Is Aligarh’s Favourite Winter Snack; Have You Tried It Yet?
Image Credit: Screengrab of post/Instagram, This aloo ke barule ki chaat is crispy and tasty.

Every season brings with it a special kind of smell and freshness. Be it monsoon, summers or winters, there is a distinct smell in the air which marks the commencement of a new season. Winters begin with chilly winds, shorter days and longer nights. Similarly, there are changing in our eating patterns and food habits too. While in summers, we’re looking for all things cool and refreshing like chilled drinks, ice cream, kulfi and the like, winters are more about guilt-indulgences. From fried bread pakoras to garam garam gajar ka halwa, our hunger is satiated by the hot, spicy and sweet. 

Source: The Chatori Chick/Instagram 

There are several popular fruits and vegetables that are available during this season as well as special kind of street foods. In Delhi, you would find vendors selling shakarkandi ki chaat and daulat ki chaat. The winters in Aligarh are marked by barule ki chaat or aloo ke barule. For those untouched by the phenomenon, aloo ke barule is a famous street food item of Uttar Pradesh that is a quintessential winter snack. Available on the streets and in various corners of the region, the chaat is made from deep-fried baby potatoes or small potatoes. 

Barule Chaat In And Around Uttar Pradesh 

Although it is believed to be associated with Aligarh, the barule chaat is also a frequent sight in Agra, Hathras and several other parts of Uttar Pradesh. The chaat is made by separating the baby potatoes from the bigger ones. Next, these are tossed in some flour, colour and arrowroot powder. The colour lends the potatoes a bright red colour. Oil is heated in a big kadhai for frying. Mustard oil is the highlight of the dish since it gives the potatoes a distinct taste. The potatoes are dunked in hot oil and deep-fried. 

The potatoes are then taken out and excess oil is removed. The crunch of the potatoes is obtained from the method of deep-frying. Then these are tossed in salt and some masala for an extra kick. These crispy aloo ke barule are finally served with a spicy green chutney. Sounds like the perfect treat for cold, winter evenings right? 

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