This 600 Years Old Atta Chakki In Punjab Runs On Water
Image Credit: wheat flour/

Recently, a Punjabi video that claims to be the oldest flour mill has gone viral on social media. A blogger named Jugraj Singh posted this video on his Instagram account, food founder_, with the remark, "600 years old Atta Chakki in Punjab." This Instagram video has received more than one million views and more than 5.7 lakh likes. 

According to the video, this chakki is known as "Kraat" and has been in Fatehgarh Churian of the Gurdaspur district since the British era, which is why this chakki or flour mill is out-of-date. This flour mill runs at the pace of the water, which is why this movie is so popular. Unexpected, isn't it?

Well, the individual describing this flour mill says that the Chakki operates with a powerful, continuously flowing water current. If you ever get the opportunity to visit this chakki, you will notice that the flour is constantly hot as it is being ground, but the unique feature of this mill is that the finished flour is always chilly.


- This chakki brings back memories of former times when people would obtain fresh flour ground using conventional techniques. Compared to flour that comes in a sealed bag, freshly milled flour is more nutrient-rich. This is also one of the causes of the rising number of gluten allergies and chapatis intolerances in modern society. When a person consumes freshly milled flour, their health also stays good. These antique flour mills are now uncommon, only remaining in a few isolated locations. Not only that, but freshly milled flour has a better flavour than bagged flour and produces soft chapatis.

- The classic grinding method yields the best Chakki Atta. Wheat flour that has been stone-ground having a number of benefits. The three-grain components—endosperm, bran, and germ—remain in their natural, original proportions only in whole grain stone-ground flour.

- Wheat germ does not become overheated when the stones grind slowly, the germ oil is dispersed uniformly, and as a result, rancidity does not form as soon as it would if the wheat germ were processed in steel roller mills.

- Many people choose stone-ground flour because of its greater nutritional value, smooth texture, and sweet nutty flavour.