Check Out The Top 10 Family-Friendly Restaurants In Parkstreet
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If you are searching for an ideal spot to treat your family to a delicious meal in Park Street, Kolkata, this is the right source for you. The following article will guide you through the 10 most attractive family-friendly restaurants in Park Street, Kolkata, to help you make a well-informed decision for your family's dining experience. So, let's begin! 

The 10 Best Family Restaurants on Park Street 

Park Street, Kolkata, is home to some of the most delicious family-friendly restaurants in the city. From casual Chinese and Japanese to exquisite Continental and European cuisine, there's something for everyone on Park Street. Here are the 10 most appealing family restaurants in Park Street, Kolkata. 

1. Flurys 

We recently had the chance to visit Kolkata and dropped in at Flurys, a renowned tearoom that is famous for its breakfast, pastries, and food. During our visit, we couldn't resist trying out their tea, and we also ordered Ham Spaghetti. The pasta was delectable, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Although it was a bit crowded, we enjoyed every bit of the exceptional food.

Cuisine: Fast food, Baked goods

Types Offered: Breakfast, Pastries  

Timing: 8 Am to 10:30 Pm, Monday to Sunday

Location: 18, Park Street Area, Kolkata 700071

Cost for two: Rs 500

2. Peter Cat

Peter Cat has been a familiar name since childhood, and I finally got the chance to visit the place with my family. To put it simply, I fell in love with this place! The staff, service, and ambience were all wonderful, and the Chello Kabab and sizzlers were simply amazing. I can't wait to go back again!

Cuisine: Mughlai, Continental

Types offered: Tandoori Mixed Grill Sizzler and Bhetki Meunier

Timing: 12 Pm to 10:30 Pm, Monday to Sunday

Location: 18A, Park Street, Park Street Area, Kolkata 700016

Cost for two: Rs 1,400

3. Mocambo 

I have visited Mocambo several times before, but this time I decided to visit with my family and had an absolute blast. The staff's behavior was exceptional, as always, making us feel like royalty. Despite the joint being full on a busy Saturday afternoon, the service was incredibly fast, and we only had to wait for 20 minutes to get in. As for the food, the quantity was generous, leaving no room for complaint. The Cream of Spring Chicken Soup was an excellent starter, whetting our appetite for more. The Chicken Steak Sizzler was smoking hot and incredibly delicious, while the Lasagne was rich in flavor, with a thick layer of cheese covering the minced mutton. Lastly, the Baked Alaska was fantastic, with its fiery flame of rum on the periphery, which gave the dessert a distinct taste of smokiness.

Cuisine: Continental, Italian

Types Offered: Crab Cocktail, Mixed Meat Risotto, Chateaubriand Beef Steak

Timing: 12 Pm to 10:30 Pm, Monday to Sunday

Location: 25B, Park Street, Park Street Area, Kolkata 700016

Cost for two: Rs 950

4. Marco Polo

We were keen on visiting this popular place for a long time and finally made our way over on our anniversary. We had Fish in Prawn Thermidor, Creme Caramel, Ice Cream Sandwich, Spaghetti Bolognese, and Grilled Bhetki. All the dishes stood out, the fish and chicken were very tender, and we struggled to decide which dish we had enjoyed the most. A problem of plenty isn’t all that bad, is it? The overall taste, and experience, was amazing. 

Cuisines: Continental, Bengali, North Indian

Types Offered: Prawn Thermidor, Creme Caramel, Ice Cream Sandwich

Timing: 12 Pm to 10:15 Pm

Location: 24, Park Centre Building, Park Street Area, Kolkata 700029

Cost for two: Rs 1,700

5. Zen- The Park

If you're looking for an elegant spot to enjoy a meal with your loved ones, Zen at The Park is a great choice. The restaurant boasts a lovely atmosphere that suits any event, and the service is exceptional. They offer a diverse selection of Asian cuisine options, including Thai, Chinese, and Japanese dishes, to satisfy your appetite. Some of their standout menu items include Chicken Cheese Dim Sum, Khao Suey, Duck Maki, Mixed Noodles, and Chicken in Chili Honey Sauce. Additionally, their Orange Ice Cream with Basil Leaves is a must-try treat. 

Cuisine: Thai, Chinese, Japanese 

Types Offered: Dim sum 

Timing: 12:30 Pm to 11 Pm, Monday to Sunday 

Location: The Park, 17, Park Street Area, Kolkata 700016 

Cost for two: Rs 5,500  

6. Farzi Café 

Farzi Café has a lively atmosphere with live music playing, and the staff's hospitality made us feel comfortable. The food served at this place is delicious, and they even provide welcome drinks for their customers. You should definitely try their appetizers, such as the Kumbh Cheese Kulcha, Mutton Galawati Kulcha, Murgh Malai Kebab, Dahi Kebab, etc. Their salads, like Charred Fish, Chicken, and Smoked Salmon are also very good. Additionally, they have a great main course section and even offer live pasta and paratha counters. 

Cuisine: Punjabi 

Types offered: Mutton Galawati Kulcha  

Timing: 12 Pm to 12 Am, Monday to Sunday 

Location: 13, Harrington St, Kankaria Estate, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Park Street Area, Kolkata 700071 

Cost for two: Rs 2,500 

7. AB’s- Absolute Barbecue

This restaurant, as the name might indicate, is well known for its barbecue. They serve the starters one after another before serving the main course. The food is exceptionally fresh, particularly the starters, which include Crispy Corn, Paneer Kebab, Juicy Chicken Wings, Amritsari Fish Kebab, and succulent Prawns. For the main course, customers can savor the Basanti Pulao with Handi Mutton, which is a real delight. The chicken biryani is also delicious. Additionally, their brownies are delightful, and the chocolate ice cream and paan-flavored ice cream roll are both enjoyable. 

Cuisine: Barbecue 

Types Offered: Amritsari Fish Kebab

Timing: 11 Am to 11 Pm, Monday to Sunday 

Location: 1st Floor, Omega Building, GP Block, Sector 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata 700064 

Cost for two: Rs 1,600 

8. The Bridge- The Park 

If you happen to be in Kolkata, you should definitely check out The Bridge at The Park for their opulent Sunday brunch. They offer a vast array of delicious dishes from various parts of the world that will leave you satisfied. This brunch is an ideal blend of gourmet food and those who appreciate it. Some of the must-try delectable dishes include Jaggery Ice Cream, salads, chocolate cake, Chicken Tikka, pizzas, and more. 

Cuisine: Continental 

Types Offered: Sunday Brunch 

Timing: 7 Am to 12 Am, Monday to Sunday 

Location: The Park, 17, Park Street, Near Park Street Area, Kolkata 700016 

Cost for two: Rs 3,500  

9. The Lords and Barons  

The Lords and Barons, situated on Park Street in Kolkata, is a great place for various types of outings, like romantic, casual, or family. It has a private area on the second floor that can be booked for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. The place has adequate seating arrangements along with a bar. The antique furniture, wood carvings, stained glass windows, and grand ceilings add to its charm. The venue offers delicious food, good music, regal architecture, and a wide range of drinks, including their new sparkling cocktails. They serve various cuisines like North Indian, Continental, Mughlai, and Italian, and their top recommendations are Jamaican Jerk Pizza, Pomegranate Juice, Beer Batter Fish, Spaghetti Aglio Olio, and Breakfast Platter. 

Cuisine: Continental, Italian 

USP dish: Harissa Chicken 

Timing: 12 Pm to 2 Am, Monday to Sunday 

Location: 20B, Park Street Area, Kolkata 700016 

Cost for two: Rs 2,500  

 10. Botanik 

The ambiance of the restaurant is excellent, especially during sunset when you can witness the stunning Victoria Memorial from Botanik. The restaurant offers top-notch service, and their Chili Fish is highly recommended. For dessert, you should try their Matichur Rabri Parfait. Additionally, their pizzas are all delicious, and the mixed sauce Prawn Pasta is a must-try. No information has been omitted in this paraphrased text. 

Cuisine: Bengali 

Types Offered: Chili Fish 

Timing: 1 Pm to 4 Am, Monday to Sunday 

Location: 13, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, opposite Metro Plaza, Chowringhee, Kolkata 700071 

Cost for two: Rs 2,000