These Tips Can Help You Stay Healthy At Night, As Per Ayurveda

Everybody wants to stay healthy and fit, and let me tell you, eating healthy is just not about having healthy food but making smart choices. Healthy choices make a lot of difference as they not only keep the body fit but also are beneficial for overall health. We have often heard about being careful about what we eat for breakfast. Of course, it is the first meal of the day. But one should pay equal attention to the evening meal as well. 

Ayurveda is one of the ancient medical systems that has never failed to amaze people with its magical effects. Ayurveda always suggests having something light for dinner. This is because the last part of the day is controlled by Kapha, as per Ayurveda. So, whatever we eat at night must be able to balance our Kapha. Let us have a look at some tips suggested by Ayurveda to stay healthy at night.  

Eating Low-Carb Food

Since it is essential to have light food at night, Ayurveda suggests that one should have low-carb food which is easy to digest. A heavy meal may cause uneasiness at night and can lead to sleep disruption whereas, with a light meal, you will wake fresh the next morning and be more enthusiastic.

Eating In Moderation 

We know that almost every person out is either trying to lose or gain weight. But many people don’t know that eating in moderation can give magical results when it comes to weight loss. Ayurveda suggests that one should avoid overeating at night as this may lead to indigestion. The digestive system remains inactive at the night and thus, it is hard for it to digest heavy meals. 

Avoiding Curd

As per Ayurveda, eating curd at night might not be beneficial for the body. This is because curd can increase kapha dosh in the body creating an imbalance that can actually lead to excessive mucus formation in the nasal passages. In the place of curd, one can have buttermilk if required.

Drinking Low-Fat Milk

There is a common habit of Indians to have milk at night. But one should have low-fat milk at night as per Ayurveda. Also, people should avoid drinking cold milk but boiled milk. Low-fat milk which is also boiled is easy to digest for the stomach. It is also advisable to add little cardamom and ginger to the milk for taste enhancement. 

Eating Spicy Food For Dinner

This might come as a little shock to you, but spices have quite many health benefits. Spices help in maintaining body warmth and aid in weight management by reducing appetite. Spices such as fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, cardamom, and cinnamon can help the body in so many ways. 

Having Low Salt Intake 

It is believed that salt increases water retention in the body. Thus, a low intake of salt at night can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and can maintain good heart health. 

Stay Healthy!!