These Rules Will Come In Handy While Dining Out
Image Credit: Dining Rules (gettyimages)

I often visit restaurants to have a fine-dining experience. Indeed, it has been an outstanding experience, but sometimes I have also felt uncomfortable because of others. Unfortunately, the reason is not always hygiene. Sometimes, it’s also about table manners. Today, I am sharing five such dining etiquettes with you. They should be followed at the dining table and wherever you have any meal.

  1. Avoid washing your hands on the plate in front of anyone: Perhaps, you must have felt it at some point in your life that there is a practice of washing hands on the dish itself after eating food in India. This practice not only looks terrible, but it also has hygiene-related problems. If you wash your hands like this on your plate or glass, many bacteria remain in your hands and transfer from one vessel to another. Therefore, you should clean the utensils properly after eating food and wash your hands with soap both before and after eating food.
  2. Do not repeatedly touch your hair or other body parts while eating: You mustn’t touch different parts of the body while eating. Many bacteria in the body parts can go inside your mouth if you itch while eating food, touch hair, wipe sweat, etc. It is not considered good from a hygiene point of view.
  3. Drink water only after thoroughly chewing the food: Drinking water between meals is neither considered right as table manners nor good for your health. At such times, drinking water while chewing food also leads to the problem of food getting stuck in the throat.

Now, you must be thinking about why these manners are being told here. Let me tell you that this still happens to us when people forget their eating etiquette. No matter who cooks food at home or the restaurant, if you do not respect it, you do not deserve it. Similarly, if you do not take care of the above things (while going out to eat food), you will not be considered civilised. Sometimes, these small things leave a significant impact, so you should keep them in mind.