These Restaurants In Delhi Serve The Best Litti Chokha
Image Credit: sumis_cookbook_18

Bihari cuisine, which hails from the eastern state of Bihar, consists of Bhojpuri cuisine, Maithil cuisine and Magahi cuisine. During winters, sesame seeds and poppy seeds are added to the dishes to provide warmth to the body. Some of the famous Bihari dishes are Littichokha, a baked salted wheat flour cake filled with sattu (baked chickpea flour) and certain unique spices, baigan bharta, boiled potatoes and tomatoes.

Litti, along with chokha, is a complete meal that is native to Bihar and areas of Eastern Uttar Pradesh in India. It's a dough ball made of whole wheat flour that's stuffed with gram flour, lentils, herbs and spices. Baked over coals or wood and tossed with ghee, The traditional way of preparing litti is by roasting it on wooded fire, but its modern-day version includes fried litti with chokha. Litti is served with murgh korma or chokha in western Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh. Chokha is a vegetable preparation of roasted and mashed eggplant, tomato, and potato.