These Restaurants Are Known To Serve The Best Gatte Ki Sabzi In Delhi
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Gatta ki sabzi, or Rajasthani Gatta curry, is a traditional Rajasthani vegetarian dish prepared from besan atta (Bengal flour or chickpea flour). Steamed gram flour dumplings with dry spices are cooked in a spicy and sour yoghurt-based sauce. The dry plains of Rajasthan aren't ideal for growing many vegetables and fruits, but the region is rich in pulses and spices. This helps to explain why lentils are used in so much of their vegetarian diet. A 'Gatta' is used to prepare one such novel dish. This meal goes well with any sort of Indian flatbread, such as roti, chapatti, paratha, puri, or bhakri, as well as steamed rice. Gatta curry, also known as Gatte ki sabzi, is a traditional meal popular in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Bihar. In Marwari cuisine, it is an all-time favourite meal. Gatta is a steamed dumpling made with chickpea flour, hing, and red chilli powder that is simple and mildly flavoured. This is fried before being cooked in a delectable spicy and delicious sauce. This recipe is suitable for any meal, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Restaurants in Delhi serving authentic Gatte Ki Sabzi


When it comes to Rajasthan food, it is regarded as one of the top restaurants in Delhi-NCR. This eatery deserves a mention and is budget-friendly, with a variety of vegetables, rotis, curries, and desserts. You must taste their Rajasthani thali, dhokla, chaach, puran poli, aamras, and special kheer, which are all inescapable. So come and see it for yourself. They serve authentic Gatte ki sabzi with missi roti. It is full of spices and the tangy flavour adds a final touch to it.

Price for two- 600

Ghoomar Traditional Thali Restaurant

When it comes to flavour and hospitality, this location surpasses all others. The menu contains a plethora of possibilities that are sure to blow your head. Ghoomar will win your heart when it comes to authentic Rajasthani cuisine, serving one of the most on-point Rajasthani flavours you've ever eaten. Eat their Rajasthani thali, dal bati churma, malpua, and kulfi to finish your dinner. Their gatte ki sabzi is an amalgamation of different Rajasthani flavours. The besan dumplings are soft that melt in the mouth with a burst of spices.

Price for two- 700


Suruchi is the place to go if you're a vegetarian looking for delicious food. This hidden gem in Karol Bagh offers endless cuisine for a low price. When it comes to food, this place is a clear winner, serving delicious Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisine. Their speciality is Gatte Ki Sabzi with Rajasthani Dal, which you should try. Missi roti with gatte ki sabzi served here is a combination made in heaven.

Price for two- 1200

Panchavati Gaurav

Panchavati Gaurav is a thali restaurant franchise that specialises in Rajasthani thali! You can come in any day of the week and be served the best food. They feature a different menu for weekdays and weekends. However, their kadhi, special dal bati churma and gatte ki sabzi are irresistible. The gatte ki sabzi is tangy and spicy enough to startle your taste buds.