These Quick Mexican Dishes Are Perfect For Busy Weeknights
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

At the end of a tiring day or during the weekend, all we wish to do is simply relax and indulge in mouth-watering delicacies. It could be your cheat day once or twice a week, or it could be simply a way to destress by having your favourite snacks. If you are a foodie just like us, the urge to experiment with different cuisines is real. We love our tikkas and the kebabs, but we also often think about how the doner kebab from the newly opened restaurant in the neighbourhood would taste like. Or how we can make a tortilla wrap at home. 

Earning fans worldwide, Mexican cuisine has gained immense popularity in India due to its significant similarities with Indian cuisine. Both Mexican and Indian cuisine share immense love for everything spicy, besides they both offer a variety of non-vegetarian delicacies that are too good to resist. One can relish countless meaty delicacies that are exploding with flavourful spices. If you’re craving some Mexican snacks, don’t bother ordering in. Instead, take a look at these delectable recipes that would definitely tantalise your taste buds. 

1. Chicken Nachos 

This one is a staple. Nachos are a classic Mexican finger food, made using tortilla chips and topped with stir-fried ground chicken as seasoning, along with peppers, jalapenos and a generous amount of Mexican cheese. These nachos can be perfect for an appetiser or a game-day snack for a crowd.  

2. Chicken Tacos Bowl 

Are you a fan of those crispy Mexican crispy shells? This wholesome bowl with chicken breast, black beans, roasted corn, rice, lime, and a host of spices and herbs, is just what you need for a weeknight dinner after a busy day at work. Made in just five minutes, this chicken taco bowl is all that you require for a balanced fix of taste and health. 

3. Chicken Burritos 

Picture some crispy flour tortillas filled with shredded honey lime chicken, cilantro lime rice, pinto beans, and melted cheese, aren’t you slurping already? Topped with a creamy salsa verde, this burrito is a heavenly affair for anyone looking for an easy dinner. 

4. Fajitas  

Filled with marinated chicken breasts, tender bell peppers, and onions, this chicken fajita recipe is an all-time favourite for those who love Mexican wraps. While this recipe also uses sour cream and salsa, you can experiment with flavourful spices and also top it with guacamole along with shredded cheese.