These Places Have The Juiciest Burgers In Delhi
Image Credit: Louis Burger

A big juicy burger is always a fancy. A mouthful bite that oozy melt in your mouth delight, burgers can be termed as one of the messiest foods. Be it a meat or veggie burgers to any fried eggs, burgers are sinful indulgence. Let’s see which all places in Delhi serve some of the most delicious burgers

AKU’s -The Brrgrr Co

Some fresh buns with some umani cheese tucked in between, Aku’s is artisanal burger in real sense. Started by Chef Akriti Malhotra is the Co-founder and Chef at Aku’s – The BrrGrr Co., this brand is known for their juicy and meaty burgers, they deliver fresh food made with real ingredients. From Gluten intolerants to vegans to hard-core meat lovers, their menu caters to a diverse set of foodies. 

From their Bold Bingo loaded with some lamb patty, blue cheese, caramelised onions, blended cheese and lettuce, each bite is a delight. The blue cheese makes all the difference. Aku’s also sees a DIY Burger Kit which is either lamb, chicken or vegetable. While the Meister that sees a fried egg, lamb patty, bacon, cheese is guilt binge of another level. The menu is full of lamb, chicken, and vegetarian burgers along with fresh house-made ginger ale, house churned ice cream shakes and smoothies, to wash down those burgers.

Louis Burger

This one from the Massive Restaurants kitty, Louis burger is surely an unforgettable burger experience. Louis Burger brings you the one of its kind artisanal burgers, crafted in homage to the legend Louis Lassen for introducing the burger concept to the world. To make sure it does justice to the great man, the team at Massive Restaurants has conceptualized, researched and worked on these masterpieces for over a year. The menu boasts of a ‘Smash Lamb Cheese Burger’ with animal sauce and swiss Emmental, headlining the mix is the ‘Monster Cheeseburger’ with double buff patty, English cheddar & bacon. Not leaving out the classic ‘Chicken Burger’ with honey mustard and cheese. The ‘Grilled AF Chicken Burger’ has truffle mayo, grilled chicken and English cheddar. Along with this, LOUIS BURGER offers a variety of plant-based burgers too. The ‘Vegan Gratitude Burger’ is your guilt free, power packed indulgence complete with beets, beans, sweet potato, jalapenos, confit tomato and vegan mayo. Each bite is perfectly guilt binge. 


This small little place hidden from many has been in the news for all right reasons. Their Tenderloin Burger, tossed with some BBQ sauce and some signature Hman sauce is highly recommended. Another on the list is  their Lamb Burger which sees grilled double patties and their signature cheese sauce.

Jamie Oliver's Diner

From the Classic Chicken Burger,  Barbeque Chicken Burger and  BBQ Pork Burger the juicy burgers from Jamie Oliver's Diner is worth every penny. Their Grilled Chicken and onion burger sees pulled Chicken along with their secret Burger sauce along with lettuce, tomatoes and more.