Places Included 

  1. Cafe Ciro 
  2. Sparrows At Home Cafe 
  3. United Coffee House Rewind 
  4. Spezia Bistro 
  5. I Sacked Newton 
  6. The Reader's Cafe 
  7. Kaffiaa-The Italian Kitchen 
  8. Roastery Coffee House 
  9. The Haven International Coffee House 
  10. Alma Bakery And Cafe 
  11. Theos

There’s a certain urge to upload all your life’s daily happenings on social media these days. Be it teenagers, young adults or even middle-aged people, almost everyone you look around is engrossed in the reel world. The bloggers and influencers who run their business and earn a living through social media have somewhere blurred the lines between what’s real and reel. Right from their family members to their dog’s name, their favourite fruit and colour, everything features on their social media handles, giving the followers an insight into their lives. Another thing you may have noticed is all things pretty and pleasant go up on social very quickly and receive more likes and comments too. 

However, there are quite a few who have an eye for picture-perfect settings and scenes and capture the most Instagram-worthy places for their feed. While Delhi is definitely a hub of all things new and vibrant, Noida is next in line as an emerging destination for Insta-worthy cafes. Have you been to any of them yet? 

Instagram-Worthy Cafes In Noida 

With a lot of new places opened up in the NCR region, you ought to hop on the metro and take a tour of these beautiful cafes. 

1.  Café Ciro 

Have you ever experienced the spring season to the fullest? Café Ciro very rightly captures the essence of this time of the year with its blossoming pink flowers hanging by the trees placed in different corners of the café. A beautiful contrast between white, pink and green interiors, it is almost like a painted picture that you can witness in real life. The creamy alfredo penne and Pav bhaji pyramid are highlights of the menu. 

Where: 103, Tower P, 1st Floor, RG Residency, Sector 72, Noida

Timings: 11 am-11 pm 

Cost For Two: ₹700

Cuisines Offered: Chinese, Fast Food, Sichuan, North Indian 

Source: The neon signs are all over the place,

2.  Sparrows At Home Café 

As the name suggests, the place is brimming with a environment-friendly vibe. Located at the top floor of the building, the café offers pretty views of sparrows that often sit on the branch of the overlooking tree. A very homely and rustic vibe, it has comfortable wooden seating and a peaceful ambience. What you must try here is their french toast which is crispy and sweet and their walnut cake. Pancakes are also a good option along with coffee if you’re here for breakfast. This is the place to relax and read. 

Where: KM-01, 1st Floor, Hajipur Market, Sector 104, Hajipur, Noida

Timings: 10 am-10 pm

Cost For Two: ₹650

Cuisines Offered: Fast Food, Pizza, Desserts 

Source: This is the chocolate chiffon cake,

3.  United Coffee House Rewind 

Do you want to unwind and chill with friends but can’t find a place? We bet if you can find a cooler vibe than this place anywhere else. A great hangout spot in the Mall of India, this place is away from the hustle-bustle of the mall. A chic European décor with dim lighting, dark blue walls and plenty of artistic wall hangings, United Coffee House Rewind is a modern take on the age-old United Coffee House. For the vegetarians, don’t miss out on the Soya Malai Tikki while the meat lovers dig into the Peri Peri fish tikka. Try their kala jamun for dessert. 

Where: D-428, 3rd Floor, DLF Mall of India, Sector 18, Noida

Timings: 12 pm-9 pm

Cost For Two: ₹2,100

Cuisines Offered: European, Asian, Mediterranean 

Source: Chic blue interiors with a European vibe,

4.  Spezia Bistro 

Once you enter this café, you’d be amazed with how many Instagram worthy spots there are to get clicked. It isn’t possible that you leave early without filling your photo gallery with tons of aesthetic pictures against the pretty pink backdrops. They too large trees with pink flowers hanging along with artistically-painted walls. One look at the floor and their geometric design will leave you bonkers. Once you’re done with pictures, try their popular cheese wheel pasta that is made live on your table. Also, try their thin-crust Pizza Rozario. 

Where: GT, 01/02, 2nd Floor, Sector 104, Hajipur, Noida

Timings: 12 pm-10 pm

Cost For Two: ₹900

Cuisines Offered: Chinese, Fast Food, Italian 

Source: The bright lamps are so aesthetic,

5.  I Sacked Newton 

Aesthetic inside-out, there’s hardly any corner of I Sacked Newton that isn’t brightly lit. With an eye-pleasing green seating and interior, the white cane chairs creatively placed outside shine bright when the moonlight falls on them. A pop of orange cushions and flowers, drooping from the windows, this place transports you to the streets of Italy. While the interiors are foreign, the best flavours are found in their Indian delicacies like Chicken Kolhapuri and Butter Chicken pizza. 

Where: Floor 5, Logix City Centre Mall, Sector 32, Near Sector 31, Noida

Timings: 12 pm-11:45 pm

Cost For Two: ₹2,100

Cuisines Offered: Thai, Italian, Mughlai, North Indian 

Source: See you at this Italian gem,

6.  The Reader’s Café 

Bibliophiles, listen up. We’ve got the perfect hangout spot for you. With artistically-designed wheel-shaped bookshelves and rusty books, you can smell the love for reading from a distance. The dim lighting and calm ambience will give you the right kind of environment to finish that book in peace. Sip on their frothy cold coffee and dig into cheesy pizzas at this café. 

Where: Plot 15, First Floor, Block P, Sector 18, Noida

Timings: 11 am -10 pm 

Cost For Two: ₹1,000

Cuisines Offered: Fast Food, Italian, Beverages 

Source: Beautiful books laid out for you,

7.  Kaffiiaa-The Italian Kitchen 

Situated on the first floor, the beautiful interiors of the café can be easily spotted through the tinted windows. It has a great indoor and rooftop seating, which is perfect for the first romantic date. The place is buzzing with a green and pink décor that adds brightness to the entire place. Since it is an Italian kitchen, the chicken parmesan lasagna, risotto and pizza are a must-have. 

Where: G 50, Sixth Floor, Near Malabar Jewellers, Sector 18, Noida

Timings: 11:30 am-11 pm

Cost For Two: ₹1,000

Cuisines Offered: Italian 

Source: Don't miss this view in the evening,

8.  Roastery Coffee House 

A grand and palatial set up for a coffee house, Roastery is the place to be when you want to sip on a cup of hot coffee and talk the night away with friends. The aroma of freshly-brewed coffee tantalizes your olfactory senses and draws you towards the French press. Try their soft and moist banana bread or indulge in some crispy zucchini fries while chatting with your near and dear ones. 

Where: BL 004, Sector 144, Near Oxygen Business Park, Near Sector 135, Noida

Timings: 8 am-11 pm

Cost For Two: ₹800

Cuisines Offered: Continental, American 

Source: Freshly-brewed coffee coming your way,

9.  The Haven International Coffee House 

Another sweet and cozy spot in Noida, where you can click pictures and make your feed look aesthetic is The Haven. With a lovely outdoor arrangement, you can choose to sit outside on a pleasant day and enjoy the breeze. They’ve got free wifi so you can sit and work too while enjoying their all-day breakfast menu. From French press to cold brew and espresso, you can pick your own caffeine and you won’t be disappointed. 

Where: Shop 3 And 3A, Gardenia Gateway, Tower-10, Sector 75, Near Sector 72, Noida

Timings: 11 am-8:15 pm

Cost For Two: ₹500

Cuisines Offered: Continental, Fast Food, Coffee 

Source: A variety of coffee to try,

10.  Alma Bakery And Café 

Dim lighting with vintage lamps hanging from the ceiling, Alma is a cutesy café and bakery in Hajpur area of Noida. A little far from the Botanical metro station, the café is worth a visit. They’ve got greenery inside the place and confectionary items being baked at all times. You can try their banoffee pie and cakes. Also, try their range of soups for a light lunch. 

Where: 2nd Floor, Commercial Tower, Sector 104, Hajipur, Noida

Timings: 1 pm-9:30 pm

Cost For Two: ₹400

Cuisines Offered: Italian, Fast Food 

Source: Such a beautiful ambience,

11.  Theos 

With multiple outlets spread across NCR region, Theos has a vibe of its own. The perfect mix of green and brown interiors, the place has a homely feel. Their cold coffee is a must-have and so is their smoked chicken croissant. You can also try the Quiche Lorraine if you like. 

Where: B-1/20, Central Market, Sector 50, Noida

Timings: 11 am-10 pm

Cost For Two: ₹250

Cuisines Offered: Italian, Continental 

Source: Best breakfast and brunch place,