These No-Bake Oreo Swiss Rolls Are So Easy, You Can Make Them With Your Kids
Image Credit: Swiss log is a popular confection hailing from Central Europe.

With the summer vacation on, kids around the country are trying out various activities to keep themselves engaged. Many parents are enrolling their kids in different summer camps and workshops so that they do not spend the entire day watching TV. If you haven’t had so much time to look through the numerous flyers and campaigns of these workshops, then fret not. There are plenty of ways in which you can make this time a riveting one for both you and your child. They say, children, learn a great deal in kitchen. While it is absolutely necessary to keep them away from fire and premium appliances, you can always take their help in making fun popsicles and punch, some no-bake desserts are also a good idea.  

What is a ‘no-bake dessert’ you ask? These are a ‘no-bake’ versions of desserts that are typically baked in ovens such as cakes, cheesecake, tarts and pies. Swiss Roll, also known as jelly roll, roll cake, and Swiss log is a popular confection, in which a rolled sponge cake is stuffed with a filling of cream, jam, or icing. It is essentially a sweet log, which is cut in several bite-sized pieces, resembling mini spirals, and served cold. The origins of the cake are unclear, but as per experts, it is perhaps native to Central Europe.  

How To Make No-Bake Swiss Roll

Slurrp community member and homechef Chirag, showed us how one can make Swiss roll without any oven. For this easy, fun recipe she took a packet of Oreo biscuits and removed the cream from centre. She further crushed the biscuits, and mixed the creamy centre with milk to make a smooth filling. She mixed the crushed biscuits with milk and made a smooth dough, which she spread out using a rolling pin. Further, on the flattened layer of oreo biscuits, she spread the creamy filling all the way to the edges. Then very carefully she started rolling the biscuit dough till it started to resemble a log. If you need a thicker log, you will be requiring more crushed biscuits, you can also make use of other chocolate biscuits to increase the volume, just make sure these other biscuits are of similar flavour profile.  

Here’s the video with step-by-step instructions.  

Once the log is ready, freeze it for 35-45 minutes. Take it out once chilled and cut them vertically for your spiral-shaped Swiss roll. Do not cut them too thin or too thick, try to maintain uniformity in the thickness.  

Some handy hacks that may help, roll the dough on a plastic sheet. So that when the dough is all rolled out and flat, you can easily roll it up. If you keep the dough on bare countertop of your kitchen, it may stick to the slab and lead to breaking. Make sure the dough is very smooth and pliable, not very thin and not very tight, else you may face problem while rolling the dough. 

Try this recipe today and let us know how you liked it.