These Monsoon Special Oriental Recipes Are Perfect Evening Snack Hack
Image Credit: Chilli Shrimps/ Pic- Chowman

Monsoon are perfect time to binge in some snacks and indulge in and when we think of snacks there is no dearth of options. From samosa to pakoda to thepla to vada pav and so much there, we can dig in, but how about trying something different and tasting some Monsoon snacks

Ram Bahadur Budhathoki, Head-Chef, Chowman-Chain of Restaurants has put together a few Monsoon-special Chinese recipes for people to explore during the season. 

Konjee Crispy Three Treasure Mushroom

Prawn Har Gau




    Wheat Starch

    Potato Starch

    Seasame Oil


    White Pepper

    Oyster Sauce





    Take a bowl and make a concoction using potato starch & what starch for that transparent wrap.

    Meanwhile marinate the prawns using sesame oil, salt, white pepper, oyster sauce, refined oil, sugar & ginger paste.’

    Leave the preparation for a while so that the ingredients & oil can penetrate the prawn walls and mix in well.

    Stuff inside the prawns within the wrap & steam it for a while.

    Once done, serve it hot!