These Indian Restaurants Make Their Entry On Asia's Top 50 List
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On March 28th, 2023, the latest champions of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants were announced, showcasing the finest culinary offerings from across the continent. Amongst the winners were three exceptional Indian restaurants, making their mark on the coveted list. Mumbai's Masque, crowned India's top restaurant, captured the 16th spot on the list, while Delhi's Indian Accent and Avartana at ITC Grand Chola in Chennai also made a strong showing at the 19th and 30th places, respectively. Asia's 50 Best Restaurants bestowed its highest honours on Bangkok's Le Du, followed by Tokyo's Sezanne and Bangkok's Nusara, occupying the second and third spots, respectively.

Masque, a pioneering Mumbai restaurant, has made waves in the culinary world since its debut on the esteemed list in 2021. Notably, it secured the coveted "One To Watch Award", in 2020 and climbed the ranks to 21st place last year. Aditi Dugar, the visionary behind Masque, has shown immense commitment to showcasing India's abundant produce in the restaurant's inventive 10-course tasting menu.

Chef Varun Totlani leads Masque and has a passion for uncovering local delicacies and integrating them into the restaurant's tasting menus. The restaurant's dishes, such as aam papad served with wine sorbet and murungakkai marrow, are a take on Tamil Nadu’s Murungakkai Kuzhambu made with drumstick marrow. This demonstrates Totlani's passion for discovering new flavours and his efforts to incorporate a traditional delicacy with a contemporary touch. Located in a chic former textile mill, Masque offers a stylish dining experience that highlights the vibrant flavours of local Indian ingredients. The Awards' official Instagram page aptly described Masque as "one of India's most forward-thinking restaurants."

Masque, Mumbai

Image: Instagram: Masque Restaurant

On the other hand, Indian Accent, helmed by Chef Manish Mehrotra in Delhi, held the title of India's top restaurant for an impressive seven consecutive years, from 2015 to 2021, as per the prestigious list. Under his culinary leadership, Indian Accent has consistently impressed diners with its imaginative representation of Indian cuisine. Even the palate cleansers at Indian Accent have garnered high praise from food enthusiasts, demonstrating why the restaurant has remained one of the top Indian restaurants on the global stage. Where else can you find a refreshing phalsa churan kulfi sorbet to prepare your taste buds for the next course?

Meanwhile, Avartana at ITC Grand Chola in Chennai has been a standard-bearer for South Indian fare since its inception. This year, the restaurant earned well-deserved recognition with the List's Highest New Entry Award. Chef Nikhil Nagpal, the driving force behind Avartana, is always exploring new frontiers to infuse into his culinary creations. His insatiable appetite for innovation has resulted in a constantly evolving tasting menu, keeping the dining experience fresh and exciting. Nagpal’s secret perhaps lies in his constant interactions with guests, through which he customises menus to cater to individual tastes. At Avartana, the emphasis is on the ingredients, which are primarily procured locally, and the dishes aim to highlight the unique flavours of the produce. For instance, the menu features a variation of rasam that uses coriander grown in-house, tomatoes from Salem, and black pepper acquired from Thalassery.

Coming back to Asia’s 50 best restaurants, the list also unveiled the names of the restaurants that ranked from 51 to 100, shining a spotlight on several exceptional culinary destinations. Delhi's Bukhara at ITC Maurya grabbed the 52nd spot, and its mouth-watering kebabs and other iconic delicacies like Dal Bukhara can perhaps be thanked for it. Mumbai, too, made its mark, with Americano (66th), The Table (78th), and Ekaa (93rd) all earning well-deserved recognition for their delectable offerings. Each of these Mumbai restaurants boasts its own unique fare, from Americano's contemporary Italian cuisine to The Table's eclectic global menu and Ekaa's inventive takes on traditional Indian cuisine.

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