An extremely common view of people about cheese is that cheese has tremendous amount of fat and is quite unhealthy. This view discredits the many beneficial qualities of cheese. Any food eaten in unsupervised quantities can be unhealthy. Eating in moderation is a good practice that must be embraced in order to get the maximum health benefits from a particular vegetable, grain, fruit, dairy product etc. Cheese is an excellent source of protein, calcium, and several nutrients. The key to discerning which cheese is good for your health over others lies in a careful study of its nutritional profile. Eating cheese could even help you lose weight by promoting gut health. 

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The cheese in question today is the the most popular cheese around the world, a favourite of many foodies - Mozzarella. Mozzarella is a soft, white cheese with high moisture content. It originated in Italy and is usually made from Italian buffalo or cow’s milk. As compared to other cheeses, Mozzarella ranks lower in sodium and calories than them. This wonderful dairy product that is used in salads, pizzas, pastas and more, has many health benefits if eaten in the right quantity. Here are a few of its most promising benefits: 

1) Mozzarella Is Good For Your Bones 

Dairy products in general are a rich source of calcium, which helps in building and protecting bones. Mozzarella cheese too, is a great source of calcium and helps you to support bone strength as well as teeth health. Your body needs calcium to maintain strong bones, and for your heart, muscles and nerves to function properly. As our body is unable to produce calcium, we have to rely on dietary sources to maintain our calcium levels. Calcium is also known to promote healing of wounds. This is where the mozzarella cheese plays a key role - in giving you the much required calcium boost. 

2) A Powerhouse Of Protein

Mozzarella cheese is a great source of protein and perhaps this is one of its best benefits. Eating mozzarella boosts muscle strength and also gives you energy. Did you know that one ounce of mozzarella provides about seven grams of protein. This is similar to the amount of protein present in one ounce of cooked chicken. The protein you get from Mozzarella helps in cell repair and growth and also assists in regulating hormones and enzymes. A protein rich diet helps the body to fight illness and infections by boosting the immune system. 

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3) Promotes Gut Health 

Mozzarella cheese is replete with probiotics. Probiotics are essential for boosting gut health and strengthening the immune system. The type of probiotics present in this cheese can reduce the risk of respiratory infections and also improve blood cholesterol. For the uninitiated, probiotics are made up of good bacteria that helps to keep your body healthy and well. This good bacteria helps you in fighting off bad bacteria when you have too much of it, helping you feel better.

4) Lower In Sodium And Saturated Fats 

As compared to other cheeses, mozzarella is lower in sodium and fats. Compared to the same serving size of parmesan or feta, mozzarella has nearly 50 percent less sodium, with approximately 175 milligrams of sodium per serving. Mozzarella also has a higher moisture content and lower fat variety when compared to many other types of cheeses. Saturated fats aren’t good for heart health and mozzarella has lower amounts of saturated fat for the same serving size, as compared to other cheeses. 

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5) Other Health Benefits 

Mozzarella cheese is gluten-free, making it a safe food choice for people suffering from gluten allergies or intolerances. Some other health benefits of Mozzarella include the fact that it’s a good source of Vitamin B7, and Biotin. Biotin helps in regulating skin and hair health. The Biotin in Mozzarella cheese and can help combat nail, hair, and skin related problems.