These Bengali Rice Dishes Are A Must Try
Image Credit: Shutterstock, A delicious mutton biryani from Kolkata

A Bengali is always happy with their plate of hot steaming rice. Rice is consumed everyday as part if main meal, either par boiled, steamed or as pulao, or biriyani or as any other version. A plate of hot steam rice is comfort for a Bengali and with many indigenous varieties of rice that Bengal has to offer, there is no dearth of variety of ways to have rice.

Here are few ways how interestingly you can make a simple plate of rice exciting and delectable. 

Kolkata Biriyani

Biriyani is one such dish that has seen innumerable version in India, almost like one state has a version. But when we talk biriyani one type that’s difficult to ignore is the Kolkata Biriyani, whose specialty is that it has an aloo (potato) and an egg. This no spicy subtle biriyani is known to have been inspired or taken from Lucknow style biryani during Nawab of Awadh, Wajid Ali Shah. In this Nawabi biryani, the aloo does the magic. Cooked in dam-pukht style, the delightful aroma of kewda water adds to the scent of the dish. 

Source: Shutterstock