These Are The Snacks Unique To Indian Beaches
Image Credit: Image credit: Pexels| Watermelon and Beach

The beach is a destination we always wish to visit, summer or not. Only the noises of some heavy munching on the far end break the tranquilly, the relentless waves, and the salty breeze. Although it may seem weird, one actually cannot exist without the other. The experience of going to the beach and  selecting a mouthwatering summer treat is a part of it, and as an added benefit, it's mostly handy. Check out this list of some of the most popular, tasty summertime beach treats. 


There is no way you could miss a stall because it is always right in the midst of the beach. Your smell cues will guide you there if your vision misses it. Recall the cartoons we watched as children, where a chimney of mouthwatering aroma rose directly into the character's nostrils from the kitchen. Sometimes they would float right up to the meal and take a whiff. You can depend on fried vegetables to have the same effect on you. It's amazing how each veggie, from potatoes to onions, can contribute a different flavour to the homogenous batter. The ample dousing of spicy orange batter. not to mention the delicious chutneys that they offer as an accompaniment. You'd never know what you were getting into; it could be white, green, or red. However, when eaten with those bajjis, the beachfront bajji is a unique experience, with an explosion of flavours including mustard, spice, veggies, and crunch. 

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You wouldn't imagine that this unassuming crop would be discussed so frequently. However, even if you weren't purchasing it at the beach, you would still be captivated while watching it be made. Imagine that there are sparks flying in all directions. You receive something that was created in paradise for a low price. It's not being dramatic. Corn kernels are one thing, but eating them straight off the cob with salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lime is an entirely different experience. The enthusiasm and intensity that this simple act of divinity brings are unmatched. 

Peanut chaat 

Families and friends would be seated side by side, and suddenly a small child would appear holding this big basket. As you savour a delicious concoction of boiled peanuts flavoured with spices, salt, and mustard, you wonder how time will pass by. While you consider the amount of work required to make a combination like this work. You take another groundnut out of the shell, taste a mustard seed, and you realise what is happening. Making your time at the beach in silence an enjoyable event, much like the tiny groundnut salad in your hand. 

Sliced Mangoes 

Raw mangoes sliced so skillfully are probably only seen at the beach. A slice of raw mango with short vertical cuts on it is served with a dash of salt and pepper. The ideal place to enjoy this dish is out on the beach, with the wind in our hair. If you're fortunate, you'll also run upon this person selling puffed rice. The puffed rice is presented in a simple paper cone together with tomatoes, onions, salt, lime, and red chilli powder. Simply for the variety of flavours it comes with, one should give it a try. 

Lemon Soda 

Although there are many stalls all throughout the city, having one by the beach allows you to enjoy the waves and everyone's preferred nimbu paani. Who could refuse that, right? Although choosing this at the beach is unusual, it begs the question of why they don't. This tiny beverage would be really helpful if you enjoy visiting the beach while the sun is still out. Bring in the summer vibes this year by putting on your best beach attire, grabbing a big summer hat, and drinking a lime soda. 

Ice Cola 

Once more, not just at the beach. Retro culture has helped make this popular. It was fashionable to watch a super star drinking from a bottle of goli soda while wearing flared jeans and large sunglasses. Anyone's day can be started off with a kick from the drink's sour, spicy flavour and sheer punch. 

Cotton Candy 

Truthfully, the colour and shape of cotton candy are among its most alluring features. White, pink, yellow, orange, and other colours are available. They all have the appearance of floating pieces of an extremely fluffy cloud. With its abundance of sugar and candy, this has the power to instantly melt in your lips, giving you a crunchy, yet soft, candy to chew on. The best thing is that it will only last two seconds, no matter how much of it you greedily shovel into your mouth.