These Are The 5 Must Try Italian Beverages
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The exquisite pastas, pizzas, and risottos of Italian cuisine are well-known, but their beverages are not far behind. From coffee to negroni, Italy has a wide variety of beverages for those like us who aren't afraid to try new things. 

We have put together a list of 5 beverages you must not miss at any cost.  


 •    Caffè D’ Orzo 

Though this beverage resembles coffee in appearance and sound, it has no caffeine and is prepared from roasted barley. It was first made for individuals who couldn't afford and buy coffee many years ago. However, it is currently loved by a large number of people who prefer caffeine-free drinks. It has a taste similar to coffee with chocolate and vanilla flavoured undertones. It's often made in a moka pots. 

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 •    Shakerato  

It's an iced coffee variant. It's a cocktail made with espresso and sugar syrup that's shaken with a tonnes of ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. It's then poured into a glass and topped off with coffee-flavored liqueurs. It's the ideal cocktail for all your coffee drinkers out there.

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     Italian Ice-cream Soda Float 

This is an Italian variation of the coke float (cola + ice cream) that we make at home. It is unquestionably a refreshing beverage for these hot summer days. It's also pretty simple to make at home. Simply fill a glass with ice cubes, soda, and a flavorful syrup of your choosing. Finish with a dollop of whipped cream and some fresh fruits. 

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This is a traditional Italian non-alcoholic beverage. It's simply an espresso shot with hot chocolate and oodles of whipped cream on top. This is something you'll find at a lot of cafes, and it's also quite simple to make at home. This is a favourite beverage of many Italians as well.  

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This is another well-known Italian beverage worth trying out once.  

In Italian, the word 'ristretto' means restricted.' It's similar to espresso, except it's less bitter and more flavorful. In comparison to traditional espresso, this beverage uses fewer coffee grounds.  

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 Try these Italian drinks in a cafe near you, or try to make them yourself at home. They're simple to create and delicious to eat. The nice part is that you can play around with these beverages to see what you like.