5 Samosa Variants That Have Stirred Up Debates On Social Media

Samosa is a beloved Indian snack that is mostly paired with green coriander-mint chutney and sweet tamarind chutney. Maida dough filled with spiced potatoes and deep-fried in oil is among the most common recipes whose popularity has transcended borders. From the USA to London, Indians have made foreigners fans of this delight. 

Video Credit: Kunal Kapur/ YouTube

With a rich history of chaat culture across the country, samosa is often paired with boiled chickpeas or white peas and topped with chopped onions, tomatoes, ginger, curd, green chutney, and sweet sauce. It’s called samosa chaat dish. Over time, people have invented new variations of samosa, like matar samosa, aloo-matar samosa, pizza samosa, and whatnot.

While these variations were digestible, unique, and delicious, a few people have come up with some weird combinations that have sparked debates on social media. Here are some of the types that desis did not like.

Samosa Manchurian

You must have seen samosa paired with just curd, chickpeas, or even spicy gravy, but the samosa and manchurian combination is never heard of. Official Sahi Hai, an Instagram page of a foodie, featured a vendor selling samosa with manchurian and other condiments. 

This combination did not impress netizens, and one of the users suggested adding gulab jamun, an Indian sweet dish, to this pairing and making it weirder. One user said that people are destroying every popular dish. A person suggested avoiding trying it because it tastes disastrous.

Macaroni Samosa

Image Credit: @dillikachaska/ Instagram

It’s one thing to add pizza fillings and cheese to samosa. It tastes like a cheesy vegetable puff loaded with flavours. However, using macaroni or pasta for samosa filling is stretching a culinary experiment too far.

In June 2023, images of macaroni samosa started trending on social media after a user shared this weird combination. A user urged samosa fans to find potato filling in the snack. Another user’s hilarious comment read, “Justice for jab tak rahega samose me aloo song.”

Chocolate Samosa Pav

Image Credit: @the.foodie.panda/ Instagram

One of the popular ways of eating samosa is by adding a piece between slices of pav or bread. It is similar to vada pav, and a desi jugaad when one cannot have Mumbai’s famous street food. But have you heard of chocolate samosa pav? Yes, that’s right.

In May 2023, photos went viral of a vendor who added samosa between two slices of pav and drizzled chocolate syrup all over it. Netizens on social media started using ‘justice for samosa’ after the image of this weird combination went viral. A person commented, “Samosa loves and chocolate lovers, both got a heart attack.”

Biryani Samosa

In April 2023, biryani samosa took the internet by storm. There are many types of filling that have gone viral in the past and have impressed netizens, but this wasn’t among them. The vendor filled the samosa with biryani rice and deep-fried the snack to serve with green chutney.

A user on X shared a meme that asked the user to delete the picture of this weird dish. A person wrote, “It’s one of those love-hate relationships for me.” There were many people who commented that though the combination was weird, they still wanted to try it. 

Jam Samosa

In September 2022, a clip went viral showing jam samosa. The samosa was filled with strawberry and blueberry jam that looked like a nightmare for desi fans of the Indian snack. A food blogger even mentioned that one must not compare these with savoury samosa but netizens schooled him anyway.

A user called it “something unique and different.” Many social media users made fun of this dish, especially the pink colour. Others said that the person destroyed a popular snack that pairs well with nothing but only potatoes.