There's No Problem That Chocolate Can't Fix For Preity Zinta
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Eating a decadent chocolate pastry is a sure shot solution to half of our woes. Preity Zinta seconds this belief. From chocolate chip ice cream to a chocolate mousse tart, there are plenty of versatile chocolate flavours and treats suited for the taste and preference of every foodie. If you ask us, all 365 days should be declared as chocolate days, however, recently when World Chocolate Day was being celebrated across the globe, many celebrities took to the ‘gram to post photos of chocolate desserts and join in the celebration. Preity was no different. The actress took to her social media and posted photos of decadent chocolate desserts. 

Preity captioned the photos, “There is no problem a little chocolate can't fix.” The actress's photos showcased two chocolate desserts. The first one was a crispy chocolate pastry full of berries, with cherries and dripping chocolate syrup on top. A scoop of vanilla ice cream was kept near this pastry. The second photo featured a slice of a glossy chocolate cake with cherry toppings. This delicacy too was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which was sitting on top of chocolate crumbs. 

Credit: Preity Zinta's Instagram


If Preity’s chocolate desserts have got you craving for a slice of chocolate cake, try your hand at this no bake chocolate cake recipe by Chef Kunal Kapur: 


Biscuits – 500gms

Coco powder – 2 tbsp

Milk Chocolate chunks – 200gms

Butter – 50gms

Almonds chopped – handful

Cashewnuts chopped – handful

Pista chopped – handful

Cream – ¾ cup

For garnishing: 

Milk Chocolate chunks – 200gms

Cream – ½ cup

Whipping cream – ½ cup

Sugar – 2 tbsp

Mint leaves

Sweet Cherry

Chocolate shavings


Butter paper

Pipping bag


Roughly crush the biscuits into chunks and keep aside. In a double boiler melt chocolate, butter, cocoa powder and cream. Remove once all the chocolate is melted and add it to the biscuits. Mix them with a spatula. In a spring base cake tin place a butter paper on the bottom.

Pour the chocolate mixture over it and press it so that it settles. Tap the cake tin on the kitchen table for the same. Place the cake in the fridge for 30 mins to set.

Meanwhile for garnishing melt the more chocolate and add cream to it. Once the chocolate melts remove from the boiler. Remove the cake tin from the fridge. Pour the chocolate icing on top and spread it evenly. Tap the cake tin on the kitchen counter again for the icing to settle between the cracks of the biscuits.

Now place the cake tin back in the fridge, this time for 2 hours.

Mix together whipping cream and sugar. Whip them till stiff and fill a pipping bag with this cream.

Remove the cake tin from fridge, release the spring base to take out the cake from the mould. Place it on a platter or a cake stand. Garnish it with whipped cream, cherries, mint leaves and some chocolate shavings. Slice the cake and serve.