The Truth Behind Vegan Chicken That You Need To Know
Image Credit: Pixabay.

With a new vegan restaurant sprawling open every other day in the city, it’s getting clear that there’s a strong trend of veganism that’s got a hold on foodies. Plant based alternatives are tasty, healthy and environmental friendly. Vegan diets can be protein rich and delicious. Many non vegetarians have the opinion that vegan alternatives of non vegetarian dishes don’t match up to the real taste of meat. However this claim is refuted by millions of vegans all over the world. 

Bollywood celebrities like Genelia D Souza and Riteish Deshmukh openly advocate the benefits of going vegan. Culinary artists have also begun creating tempting vegan recipes, right from salads to entrées. Chicken is the meat that’s consumed the most under the banner of poultry in India. Vegan chicken is a vegan alternative to the real meat and vegans who were non vegetarians before, claim that it tastes as good as real chicken. But what really is vegan chicken and does it have any health benefits? Let’s find out! 

What is vegan chicken? 

Vegan chicken is a plant based alternative to the real chicken meat and it’s made usually from soy. Vegan chicken can also be made from other vegetable protein or wheat, and it is shaped into patties, nuggets, or roasts, so that it’s texture, look and flavour resembles that of a real chicken Vegan chicken is one of the most popular vegan food and vegans claim that it is a healthier alternative to regular chicken. Vegan chicken is flavoured with certain other ingredients that add to its flavour like, onion, herbs, garlic etc. 

How does vegan chicken taste?

The taste of the vegan chicken dish rests a lot on the type of ingredients and seasons used to make the vegan chicken. Tips such as adding vegetable stock to the dish can come in handy while making the vegan chicken. The vegetable stock tip is best used when the vegan chicken is made from seitan, which is a vegan meat substitute made from vital wheat gluten. Along with lending the dish a flavour similar to the real chicken, vegetable stock keeps the vegan chicken moist. If the vegan chicken is made from pea-protein or soya alternatives, along with the vegetable stock, the use of herbs and masalas, creates the perfect savouring flavour. Furthermore, these ingredients can be used to marinate the vegan chicken too. 

Health benefits of vegan chicken 

Plant based alternative of chicken is a healthy option. According to nutritionists, vegan chicken is lower in calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium than the animal based chicken. Vegan chicken and real chicken are also comparable when it comes to being a good source of protein. Vegans argue that plant based alternatives of meat aren’t a risk to the eater in terms of spreading animal based infections and bacterias. 

Vegan chicken recipes are tasty, healthy and aplenty. In case you’re in the mood for a change, you must definitely give vegan chicken recipe a try. Veganism is a trend that’s getting stronger by the day, and there’s no harm in tasting a recipe from this trend.