The Traditional Japanese Breakfast We Can’t Stop Thinking About
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We are all familiar with Japanese cuisine, and many of us love to devour it, thanks to the influx of Japanese restaurants and cafes around town. We've all been flocking to these eateries to try everything from sushi to gyozas to ramen and soups to give our taste buds a chance to enjoy their exquisite cuisine. 

Few people, however, are aware of how and what they eat for breakfast. The popularity of English Full Breakfast and American breakfasts is well-known, but the Japanese counterpart is less talked-about.  

Breakfast cereals, which are often heavy in sugar, are popular in America, so are pancakes, crepes, and other western breakfasts, which are the polar opposite of what Japanese people eat. People from Japan, who are recognised for their health consciousness and preference for healthy eating, enjoy a healthy breakfast, which may consist of fish, rice, fresh vegetable salad, and soup. The structure of a Japanese breakfast is identical to that of their other meals, and it is known as 'ichiju sansai.' These words translate to "one soup and three dishes." Soup is a very essential element of their diet, and it is consumed with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Many Japanese individuals do not have enough time to enjoy their breakfasts and rely on a toast of bread with their coffee while rushing for work. While some Japanese people believe that they can't work without breakfast and that their first meal consists of rice, fish, and soup.

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What does Japanese breakfast consist of?  

    A bowl of soup- Miso soup is the most common, consisting of dashi (broth) and miso paste, as well as a variety of green vegetables and seasonings. Their traditional soup is miso. However, some people prefer various types of soups. 

    Rice bowl- Breakfast in Japan usually consists of a bowl of plain steamed rice. The rice is frequently served with eggs or the soup itself. Some people serve it with fish too.  

    Fish- Many people in the United States prefer processed bacon strips for breakfast, but in Japan, fish is still an important element of the morning meal. Breakfast consists of a basic grilled fish seasoned with salt and a pinch of spice. Fish is frequently added on top of rice bowls in order to make them healthier. 

    Salads- In contrast to American and English breakfasts, which include fried tomatoes as salads, Japanese breakfasts include fresh hijiki (seaweed) or cucumber slices. 


Traditional breakfasts are still prepared at home by folks who follow old rituals. However, for the sake of convenience, many eateries in Japan are increasingly serving full traditional Japanese breakfasts.  Not only does Japanese breakfast appear to be healthy, but it also appears to be delicious, so why not try making it at home and surprise our family? It's also quite simple to put together.