The Chinese Restaurants In Mumbai’s Juhu You Need To Know Of!
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Mumbai residents are passionate about their food, especially when it comes to Chinese cuisine. From the popular roadside chalu chinese to Hakka Chinese and the original Chinese food, Indians have adopted various forms of the cuisine. Although it is not the same as traditional Chinese food, we have added our own spices and flavors that suit our taste preferences. So, if you’re in Juhu, Mumbai and are craving some tasty Chinese food, head to these top 10 restaurants.

Haoochi- Sun N Sand Hotel

This is an amazing restaurant situated in the Sun N Sand Hotel with a stunning view of the sea. The food is amazing, and the staff are very friendly, courteous, and helpful. Their Fried Veg Wontons are crispy, fresh and delectable. Chow Chu Style Potatoes are tasty, and Crispy Lotus Stem is really delicious, crispy, and perfectly spiced. Also, their Pan Fried Schezwan Noodles are incredibly yummy and spicy, with the ideal mix of sauces. Some other recommended dishes are Penang Curry, Dumplings, Pot Rice, Hakka Noodles and soups.

USP dish: Shrimp Sui Mai

Timing: 12 Pm to 11 Pm, Monday to Sunday

Location: 39, Juhu Beach, Near Juhu, Mumbai-400049

How to get there: Near Novotel Hotel Mumbai

Cost for two: Rs 3,500

Sampan- Novotel Mumbai

Sampan is located in the Novotel hotel in Juhu. For starters, you can have Madrin Chicken, and for main courses, Fusion Fried Rice and Pot Rice, which are enough to feed a family of four. The atmosphere of the restaurant is all right. The servers give you a complimentary cake for your celebration. Some dishes on the menu are Fortune Cookie, Pot Rice, Sizzling Brownie, Dumplings, Mushroom, Soup.

USP dish: Pot Rice

Timing: 12:30 Pm to 11:30 Pm, Monday to Sunday

Location: Novotel, Juhu Beach, Balraj Sahani Marg, Near Juhu, Mumbai-400049

How to get there: Near Juhu Beach

Cost for two: Rs 4,000

Facing East

This restaurant in Juhu is the ideal spot when you want good-quality Oriental food. Valet parking is available, so there is no need to fret. The seating area has both indoor and outdoor sections with a roof. The staff is very friendly, and the food is really good; the portion size was sufficient for two people. Here you can have Spicy Ramen Noodles, Potato Fingers, Caramel Brownie, Crispy Lamb, Cheese Cigars, and Chili Garlic Noodles - all of which are superb.

USP dish: Chicken Honey

Timing: 12 Pm to 12 Am, Monday to Sunday

Location: Near Juhu Gymkhana, JVPD Scheme, 13th Road, Juhu, Mumbai-400049

How to get there: Near Juhu Vile Parle Gymkhana Club

Cost for two: Rs 1,700

Discovery Restaurant

Lokhandwala's latest taste sensation has come to Juhu and we couldn’t be more excited. The servings are very generous here. So, we ordered their Fried Rice and Oyster Noodles and 4 of us enjoyed large amounts of the food, with still more left for another meal. Some items you should try here are Chicken Lollipop, Singapore Noodles, Nanking Fried Rice, Prawns Fried Rice. 

USP dish: Potato Chilly 

Timing: 12 Pm to 11:30 Am, Monday to Sunday

Location: Shop 6, Revdandkar Marg, Near SNDT College, Juhu, Mumbai-400049

How to get there: Near SNDT College

Cost for two: Rs 850

Oriental Bowl Restaurant

You will have a delightful experience at Oriental Bowl in Juhu. We were surprised by the generous portion size, as there was plenty of food for two people. Some recommended items on the menu are Lollypop Schezwan Sauce, Fish Black Pepper, Prawns Chilly, American Chopsuey, and Hakka Noodles.

USP dish: Apple Chicken

Timing: 12 Pm to 11 Pm, Monday to Sunday

Location: Shop 6, Revdandkar Marg, Near SNDT College, Juhu, Mumbai-400049

How to get there: Near Bora Bora Juhu

Cost for two: Rs 850 

Chin Chin Chu Restaurant

This spot has a wonderful atmosphere. There is comfortable seating, a friendly crowd, polite service personnel, and rapid service. You can have their Tom Yum Soup, Exotic Veg Soup, Malaysian Noodles, and Rice with Thai Curry. The soups are enjoyable and revitalizing, the Exotic Veg Soup especially. The noodles are delicious and full of flavor. They have a wide variety of food, Jain options, and drinks to choose from. All in all, Chin Chin Chu is a great place to spend time. Foods like Crispy Prawn Cheng Fun, Duck Salad, Balinese Curry, Watermelon Drink, and Sushi Platter are all available.

USP dish: Chili Tofu

Timing: 12 Pm to 1 Am, Monday to Sunday

Location: Ground Floor, Navaratan Apartment, AB Nair Road, Near Juhu Post Office, Near Juhu, Mumbai-400049

How to get there:  Near Naturals Now

Cost for two: Rs 2,500

Pink Wasabi

Pink Wasabi in Juhu is really impressive, the moment you enter, the eye-catching candy-floss pink decor will take you back to the Japanese spring season (Sakura). It is an all-encompassing restaurant with delicious Asian cuisine and exquisite cocktails. It is sure to be an Instagram-worthy spot with pictures that will make your heart flutter. The staff is helpful and accommodating. The Korean Fried Chicken was lightly battered with a hint of sweetness, and the Truffle Salmon Sushi with Butter and Cream Cheese was heavenly. Oh My God Sushi - the Salmon Roll with Avocado, Cream Cheese, and Grated Cucumber are all favorites.

USP dish: Cream Cheese Dim Sum

Timing: 12 Pm to 1:30 Am, Monday to Sunday

Location: G1, Plot 31, Eden Square Building, JVPD Scheme, NS Road 10, Juhu, Mumbai-400049

How to get there: Near Juhu Taj Building

Cost for two: Rs 2,000

Sagar Chinese

The food here is consistently good, the quality is excellent, and the quantity is substantial. This is an affordable place to have food, and on the menu, you can find Crispy Chicken Dry, Manchow Soup, Sweet Garlic Gravy, Lollipop Gravy, Hakka Noodles, and Chopper Rice.

USP dish: Veg Chopper Noodles

Timing: 2 Pm to 3 Am, Monday to Sunday

Location: KWX 11/1, JVPDO Scheme, CNS Road 10, Juhu, Mumbai-400049

How to get there: Near Pratiksha Bungalow 

Cost for two: Rs 400

Dashanzi- J W Marriott

Visit this restaurant on a Saturday evening and you will be bowled over by the excellent food, sophisticated cocktails, and overall fine dining experience. The interior decoration is eye-catching, and the music is captivating, making it an ideal spot to relax. The starters are an absolute delight! If you ever find yourself in JW Juhu, you must visit this restaurant to try the Avocado Tartare, Sushi, Pork, Dumplings, Cocktails and Fried Rice.

USP dish: Dumplings

Timing: 12:30 Pm to 1 Am, Monday to Sunday

Location: Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai-400049

How to get there: Near HSBC Bank

Cost for two: Rs 4,000

China Ka Khana

The restaurant has great customer service, is clean and hygienic, and has a wide variety of food that can be customized to your preference. The meals are fresh, and the service is timely. The portions of the meals are just right. The staff are very attentive, and the service is speedy. On the menu, you will find Manchow Soup, Schezwan Noodles, Paneer Manchurian, Paneer Chilly, Veg Balls in Garlic Sauce, Singapore Noodles and Singapore Fried Rice.

USP dish: Chicken Lollipop

Timing: 12 pm to 1:30 Am, Monday to Sunday

Location: Shop 3, Plot 70, Janardhan Mhatre Road, Near Chandan Police Station, Juhu, Mumbai-400049

How to get there: PVR Dynamix 

Cost for two: Rs 450