The Story Of Mizo Bai- The Tribal Dish From Mizoram You Should Try
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India is a diversified country with a wide range of cuisines. Mizoram's tribal food, for example, is a lesser-known cuisine.  

Let us begin by learning more about Mizoram, a state in northern India. The terms 'Mizo' and 'Ram' are combined to form the name of this state. The people of this state were known as mizos, and the term ram meant "land" to them. As a result, it's known as "Mizo Land."  

We didn't know much about their cuisine, but their 'Bai' is said to be amazing, so we couldn't wait to learn more. As foodies, we're always looking for new foods, snacks, and beverages to try, and we're usually excited when something new comes out. 

Mizo bai is a stew cooked from wild edible plants and seasoned with various herbs and spices. Apart from this dish, residents of this state create this stew with boiling vegetables, poultry, pork, fish, and bamboo shoots. A single meal in their cuisine can have many more variations.  They cook their meals according to their own likes and preferences so it is natural for them to have different methods of cooking the same dish.  People in this area eat meat on a regular basis, and bai is a very nutritious and fulfilling dinner for them. 

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Foodies like us don't enjoy bland food, but the people of Mizoram are the polar opposite. They often boil their vegetables and prepare them with very little salt and pepper, and just with mustard oil, which results in bland meals.  This stew is normally served with simple rice. 


Not only this but Mizoram boasts of other tribal dishes for example.  

    Maian bai - It is a dish made from papaya leaves.  

    Mizo vawksa- It is a non-vegetarian dish with pork and other herbs.  

    Chhum han - This is made by steaming the vegetables until tender. Only ginger is used to enhance the flavour. No other spices are used.  

    Bamboo shoot fry- This is made by frying the bamboo shoots with herbs, and is served with plain steamed white rice.  

    Koat Pitha- it is a fried dish made using bananas and rice flour. It is considered to be one of their staples.  

 Not only these, but they have many more dishes and snacks equally tasty in their cuisine which is slowly getting popular among other people. 

So, if you're a foodie, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to sample these lesser-known amazing dishes. Although they may be bland to our palates and taste there is no harm in giving this cuisine a try. 

You never know, you end up liking their dishes too.