The Rise Of Mead- The Ancient Royal Drink
Image Credit: Moonshine Meadery

Have you ever thought that honey and water can be intoxicating? For those thinking no, you are wrong as fermented honey and water makes for one of world’s oldest alcoholic drink called mead. This drink that finds it’s reference in cultures such as Egypt. China, India and Greece. Known as ambrosia or nectar in ancient Greece, it was believed to be the drinks of the Gods. Even the term “honeymoon” comes from the tradition of giving the newlyweds ‘moon’s worth’ of honey–wine. All because to ensure virility and fertility. The mead maker was highly respected then too. 

This drink that is a hearty mix of water, honey, yeast, and of course time as it needs to fermented was made in clay or wooden vessels. During ancient times it was the airborne yeast that used to help in fermentation unlike today when fresh yeast, lemons and water for fermentation. 

In the recent years the potential market for mead lover has seen a rise and also being much easy drinkable one, this alcohol beverage is seeing much of a demand. 

Here are two if India’s leading brands who are known for making some of the best meads. 

Hopped Mead from Moonshine Meadery

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This ancient drink is now seen in a new first-of-its-kind limited-edition ‘Hopped Mead.’ Made with Multifloral Honey and a mix of Amarillo, Mandarina, Magnum and Citra hops—this mead is fruity and citrusy with a slightly bitter finish. The palate has the sweetness from the multifloral honey, followed by fruitiness from the Citra, Mandarina, and Amarillo hops and ending with a lingering bitter finish from the magnum hops as the mead warms up a little!

Mead in refreshing modern avatars, the Co-founders - Rohan Rehani and Nitin Vishwas, were keen to reintroduce the lost drink - Mead, which was reserved for royalty in the past and was known as the "Elixir of Gods", to the people today and the coming generations. The brand also sees its staple three ‘flagship’ mead—namely the Traditional Mead, Coffee Mead and Apple Cyder Mead. Meanwhile, the seasonal meads that keep evolving and changing as per the seasons are Guava Chili Mead, Mango Chili Mead, Salted Kokum Mead and Grilled Pineapple, to name a few.

Honey Mead From Fruzzanté

Fruzzanté, one-of-its-kind sparkling alcoholic beverage, has now launched its premium honey mead brand called Arkä, that is made from honey extracted from beehives that is then fermented and presented as mead. The cork closure used for Arkä uses PlantCorc™ technology based on renewable plant-based polymers derived from sugarcane. The other two variety is the Arkä Rose in which the Red Rose forms the essence of this delicate dessert mead. The aroma takes you through the mesmerizing site of rose gardens while you dip into the romantic rendition of Arkä Rose Dessert Mead. While the Arkä Wildflower is a luscious dessert mead inspired by the wildflower honey found across forests along the Sahyadri ranges. It is characterized by playful tones of honey, hints of citrus, and floral notes. 

The premium range is priced at Rs. 1,050 for a 375 ml bottle of Arkä Wildflower Honey and Rs. 1,095 for Arkä Rose.