The Rise Of Kombucha’s, The New-Age Super Drink
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Each year sees trends of sort when it comes to food and amongst all the ones that’s one has seen through 2022, Kombucha’s have made their presence pretty much visible. With celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Orlando Bloom swearing by this fermented drink, this super drink has found it’s place in the tea, here is all you need to know about this super drink and where to find it. The Asian cultures had been known to prepare this fermented tea / drink for ages and it has been a secret to their long and healthy lives. Cyriac Thomas, Founder - Umami Brew adds "Kombucha is making inroads in all aspects of hospitality these days. It is available as a non-alcoholic beverage option in many restaurants. First, it used to be just the health food cafes but now everyone has joined the bandwagon since people are demanding not just a tasty beverage but also a healthy one.  The arrival of zero-proof gin and whiskey is a sign that we all are social animals at the end of the day and we need to be out there in social gatherings seen drinking something but now we don’t want to consume alcohol with it. Bar owners tell me how kombucha has been a blessing for them since they don’t want to drink every day. Instead, they nurse a bottle or two of kombucha through the evening. It gives the feeling of having something with the same mouth feel but without any of the calories and hangovers.

Constructing a Kombucha is no rocket science but it’s all about getting SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) right. With a the right temperature and other conditions, the fermentation really helps to build the Kombucha right. This fizzy, pungent drink that is loaded with probiotics, amino acids has today become a rage and with all the health benefits it has made its way as part of regular consumption for many. 

In the Global Kombucha Market 2019-2028, it’s seen that the trend of health drinks and healthy hydration, paired with the demand for flavoured kombucha drinks, is motivating the growth of the kombucha market globally. Furthermore with the onset of monsoon, places like at Café StayWoke has also introduced flavorful Kombucha’s where you get a chance to enjoy new seasonal flavors of this elixir beverage. The mother of all hipster drinks, even cooler than Matcha Latte, has made a much welcome entry to the menu and is here to win hearts all around with it’s freshness and all day love. The menu along with various kombucha’s like Spiced Litchi, Black Coffee, Watermelon and Tropical Paradise and a few more to choose from.

With the growing interest that everyone is showing towards this drink, the production too has moved from limited home production to larger accessibility, with several labels launching their versions of the Kombucha across the country. Suraj Molla, BrewMaster at Dunkel Braun says, 'As a new age beverage, the rising popularity of Kombucha can be attributed to a more health-conscious population. As a wonder drink with its unique fizziness due to fermentation coupled with fun flavours makes this one of the bestselling beverages at Dunkel Braun. Our kombuchas not only helps in digestion but also gets rid of toxins and acts as a energy booster. With the added benefit of kombuchas warding off high blood pressure and heart disease, our kombuchas are essentially a treat in a bottle.'

So it’s time to sip this health drink that is now available in plethora of exotic flavours, Kombucha’s are surely the talk of the town. With all the goodness that the drink hold it’s difficult to ignore it.