Travel the world and gorge on some of the most exotic cuisines yet you’ll want to come back home and have your comfort food. Be it dal chawal, aamras poori or any other regional variety, it is this food that makes you crawl back home each time. Since you’ve grown up eating a certain kind of food, it is hard for you to let go the staple diet. It seems true for Tara Sutaria too. An Indian actress who debuted in Bollywood with Student Of The Year 2, Tara Sutaria is a proud Parsi at heart. Don’t be fooled by her petite frame and melodious voice, this girl is a hard-core foodie. 

On numerous occasions, Tara Sutaria has confessed her love for food. From comedy chat shows to media interviews, she has expressed that she is a die-hard foodie and loves to eat. She also revealed that she hardly exercises but she’s not very happy about that. The Ek Villain actress who belongs to the Parsi community, lives in Mumbai currently. And the predominant Parsi culture in the city is no stranger to us. Go to Colaba and you’ll find an entire street with series of Parsi cafes. Among these is one legendary café called Britannia and Co. and Tara decided to head to this place post her pack-up. 

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Tara Sutaria took to her Instagram stories to share pictures of her Parsi meal that she shared with her friend. The first picture was that of her friend who had a big smile on his face because of the loads of food in front of him, including some berry pulao and keema pav, as mentioned by Tara in her caption. Next, we see a picture of Tara on the other side of the table. She also seems happy as she reposts this picture from her friend’s story. The caption reads, “When the Parsi goes to Britannia & Co. after starving the entire day @tarasutaria”. 

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Started by a Zoroastrian immigrant, the late Mr. Boman Kohinoor took over the reigns of his father's restaurant and it has been in business for 98 years now. The place is a legendary café and central to the Parsi dining affair in the city. From Berry pulao to Salli boti, there is hardly anything on their menu that wouldn’t appetise you. Have you tried Parsi food yet? If not, these classic recipes can surely be tried at home. 

Parsi Recipes 

1.  Salli Boti 

If there’s anything that Parsis love more than meat, it is potatoes. Salli, for those untouched by the phenomenon, are fried potato sticks that are a mark of Parsi food. The thin, crispy sticks are used as a garnish for meat curries like mutton and chicken. Salli Boti is a mutton curry, topped with potato sticks and usually paired with rotla or pav. 

2.  Akuri 

Head to a Parsi café in the morning and you’d be tantalized by the aroma of freshly-cooked eggs. Akuri is nothing but Parsi-style scrambled eggs. What makes them so special? Tossed with onions, garlic and green chillies, the eggs are scrambled with milk and a creamy breakfast dish is served hot. This is often eaten with some pav on the side. 

3.  Berry Pulao 

A classic dish from Parsi cuisine that adds a hint of sweetness to the savoury pulao, berry pulao is a rich and indulgent affair. Loaded with nuts, berries and topped with caramelized onions, the rice is infused with all these flavours while cooking. Add to this some succulent chicken or mutton and your perfect pulao is ready.