The One Time When Chef Gordon Ramsay Called A Dish Phenomenal; Netizens Are Amazed
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/Reddit, We've got all the recipes for you.

It was just yesterday that I was looking at a video by Indian chef Sanjeev Kapoor and wondering how lucky his family would be. They would be enjoying the best of food at home since one of India’s greatest chef is cooking for them. However, my mother retorted saying that because they are chefs, they would be striving for perfection every single time and could be harsh critics too. That’s when I recalled about the British chef from MasterChef Australia. The international chef and restaurateur is one tough guy to impress and the various television shows that he has judged are proof. 

Recently, an old video of the celebrity chef resurfaced on Reddit and has been generating a buzz ever since. The video is shared by a user called Kronyzx on Reddit where Chef Gordon Ramsay is seen very impressed after eating what is served on his plate by a woman. This seems like a once a blue moon kind of day, where the hard-to-please Chef not only enjoys the dish but also calls it ‘phenomenal’. Don’t believe us? Take a look. 

         Source: Kronyzx/Reddit 

The one-minute long video begins with the woman serving the plate full of food to the Chef and going back into the kitchen. He then begins by eating the food. In the background, the narration of the video mentions that the plate consists of ribs, spicy chicken jambalaya and a corn and peas succotash. He is seen relishing the food and finally gets up to say that, “It is phenomenal. That’s actually the first time I’m getting back to the kitchen with an empty plate”. All this while, the woman is seen praying in the kitchen, hoping that the Chef likes her food. Later, Chef Gordon Ramsay goes to the kitchen and thanks the lady for the delicious food. He told them how he thought it would be spicy but was actually quite spot on.  

With such a heartfelt reaction, the Chef leaves the woman in tears. Well, honestly, we are quite impressed with the woman’s cooking skills too because she has managed to crack a tough nut. Now, if you are craving those delicious dishes, here are the recipes to try. 

1.  Barbeque Ribs 

The tender pork ribs are doused with loads of hot barbeque sauce and several other spices like cumin, chilli powder, cayenne pepper and paprika for marination. These are then grilled and served hot. 

2.  Chicken Jambalaya

A combination of rice and meat, this flavourful dish hails from the Creole cuisine. The coloured rice is mixed with tender and succulent chicken pieces along with tomatoes and smoked paprika. 

3.   Succotash

A vibrant and colourful mix of bacon, beans and corn, this light and easy mixture serves as a great side dish.