The Old World Charm Of United Coffee House
Image Credit: Freepik

With so many new coffee shops and restaurants opening almost every day, we can't help but think of our own 'United Coffee House' in Connaught Place. The new cafes with its Instagram-worthy colourful and modern interior is no doubt a hit with this generation but the UCH still remains incomparable. It has a lovely and elegant vintage interior, as well as delicious food. It's impossible to build a list of the greatest coffee shops in town without including this at the top.  

 This restaurant, which is also known as UCH, has stood the test of time, and no other café or restaurant can compare to the class and charm of this restaurant. Since its inception in 1942, this location has witnessed practically all of Delhi's ups and downs, as well as all of the important events that have occurred over the years. It is a brainchild of Lala Hansraj Kalra when India was still undivided, who wanted to open a little coffee shop in Delhi for all the people who wanted to relax and socialise over cups of coffee. But the most fascinating aspect of its history is that all of the politicians and freedom fighters came here on a regular basis to discuss their plans and ideas.  

 Hansraj Kalra decided to open up this coffee place because there were no shops selling decent coffee at that time, which made this restaurant instantly popular with the people.  Indians were becoming more aware of social gatherings that's why they began to come over to this cafe to connect and discuss their works, among other things. In addition to freedom fighters and politicians, many intellectuals, writers, and poets came to this restaurant to discuss their art and other works.  

When it first opened, it primarily served Delhi street food such as samosas, bun maska, and chana kulchas, but after independence, the cooks expanded the menu and incorporated a variety of different cuisines such as European, French, Mughlai, and Indian. 

 UCH has been producing and serving wonderful coffee, high tea, and food to its customers since then, and many say the taste hasn't altered. This establishment is still a favourite for many, thanks to its soft mutton shami kababs, steaming coffee, and soft tea cakes.  

Apart from the food, folks come here to soak up the old-world charm that still pervades the establishment. The old British tables, chairs, and large chandeliers, along with the soft music playing in the background, transport us to a time of elegance and class.  Along with your cup of coffee, don't forget to try their famous mutton shami kababs, keema samosas, veg club sandwiches, and railway cutlets.