The Most Effective And Top Rated 5 Wet Grinders In India
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Wet grinders are one of the essential kitchen items in any house. Indian palate consists of elaborate cuisines which often require a lot of grinding. Moreover, Indians use various spices in cooking, and for a perfect blend of such spices, it is necessary to have a grinder in the kitchen. A wet grinder can perform multiple tasks, not just blending. You can make smoothies and grind nuts with a wet grinder. We have picked up a few of the finest wet grinders useful for any household. They can efficiently handle any grinding process and create the consistency you want. 

For every wet grinder, it is imperative to have a strong body and the best quality blades so that it can endure the grinding process, which involves so much force. Wattage is another aspect you must look for while buying a grinder. Choose between 500 to 750 wattages as it is considered good for kitchen work. 

1. Havells Alai 150-watt Wet Grinder 

If you want a wet grinder with a powerful body, this Havells Alai wet grinder suits your requirement. With a huge two-litre capacity, it can hold any heavy ingredients inside it. Its blades are of high quality, which can quickly turn any ingredient into a fine paste. The rotation screw functions properly when the grinding is going on and produces minimum sound. This one is good, especially for making coconut chutney, where you need to grind coconut kernel. The inside is made of stainless steel and comes with shredder attachments. The power consumption is also less with this wet grinder. With a transparent polycarbonate lid, this wet grinder helps to offer a clear picture of the inside drum. The lid does not break easily. The best part about this wet grinder is that you do not need to hold the lid tight while grinding as it is break resistant.

 ASIN ID - B08V552PRP   

2. Kent 16079 150-Watt Wet Grinder

If you are looking for a perfect-looking wet grinder with high efficiency this product is for you. Brilliantly designed, this wet grinder produces minimal sounds while grinding the ingredients. You can grind dosa batter, make a fine powder by mixing your choice of masalas and even knead your atta. Its efficiency is ensured because of its 960 RPM blades. This tabletop wet grinder is compact and will maintain your overall kitchen decor. It is safe to operate this wet grinder because of its enclosed design of rotating drums, which prevents accidental spillage of ingredients. You can adjust the timer according to the nature of the ingredients and food you are grinding.

 ASIN ID - B08DN2631Z   

3. Butterfly Rhino Table Top Wet Grinder

The unique feature of this wet grinder is that it accommodates two grinders separately, one is stainless steel, and the other one is plastic. Both grinders are sturdy and will be free from rust even after continuous use. This grinder also comes with a see-through lid to enable you to check the thickness of your paste. You can enjoy a two-year warranty on the motor with this product. This product is aesthetically designed to suit the modern kitchen. It puts uniform pressure while grinding the items to bring out the best consistency. 


4. Brayden Crusho Table Top 140-watt Wet Grinder with Coconut Scraper, Atta Kneader & Citrus Juicer, Copper Motor 

This multi-functional two-litre wet grinder is the best pick if you want a device that can grind your spices, scrape a coconut, and knead your atta. Its 1440 RPM blade makes it work faster and helps the batter and spaces to come out in perfect consistency, ensuring hassle-free cooking. The transparent lid you get with this product allows you to check the accuracy of grinding. This wet grinder also consumes minimal power. It is lightweight and compact and easily fits into small kitchens. This product is easy to clean as it comes with detachable drums. The high-quality grinder roller stone allows faster grinding with low noise. 


5. Ultra Mini compact table top wet grinder 

This tiny 1.25-litre wet grinder can serve the requirement of a nuclear family. Though it comes at a significant cost, it is worth investing in this grinder. With a high-quality 85-watt motor and the perfect grinding blades, it can quickly produce a smooth paste and fine spice powders to save time in cooking. It accommodates the conical stones to enhance the grinding quality without raising the temperature of the ingredients. The food-grade stainless steel drum will not develop rust even with constant use and thus ensure safe grinding.