The Magic Of Fusion Cuisine And Its Popularity
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We all grew up in India and are well aware of the country's cultural and culinary diversity. With so many states and civilizations, it's no surprise that India has a diverse range of foods.  However, have you heard of fusion cuisine? We've all come across something that is a combination of two or perhaps three cuisines, but we've never given it any attention.  Today, we'll discuss how this style of cuisine is gaining popularity in the markets. 

 It usually incorporates aspects and ingredients from two or more cuisines from other countries, civilizations, and religions. This style of blending and mixing is frequently referred to as contemporary cuisine, and it became popular in the 1970s. We've been experimenting with everything from Gobhi Manchurian to Indian style burgers for years. 

Many years ago, it was not widely discussed; in fact, many people did not believe it had any significance, preferring instead to eat traditional simple foods, meals, snacks, and dishes. However, as time passed, individuals, particularly the younger generation, who enjoy experimenting with their food choices, have placed a greater emphasis on this style of cuisine. Many people believe that when certain meals are combined with opposing flavours, they taste far better than the original one. 

We can observe how individuals, particularly food bloggers, are experimenting with popular snacks these days on Instagram, such as mixing pakoras with mozzarella cheese or preparing Indian Gobhi in a Chinese style. 

 We've all seen how certain chefs combine Thai and Chinese components to create dishes that always taste better. You will fall in love with Pad Thai noodles with Chinese chicken gravies if you try them.  Not only that, but other people are merging pizza ingredients with tacos and calling them Pizza Tacos. This is a big hit among the youth. 

Image source-Freepik

You might think this is just another Instagram craze, but it's actually a widely embraced strategy utilized in kitchens by Michelin chefs to make their dishes and snacks even better than they currently are.  When flavours and fragrances from many cuisines are combined, incredible outcomes are achieved. 

 Some of the best examples include 

    Thai green curry risotto (Thai and Italian) 

    Brussel sprouts sushi (Belgium and Japanese) 

    Kung Pao chicken tacos (Chinese and Mexican) 

    Chicken Katsu and scotch egg (British and Japanese) 

    Gobhi Manchurian (Indian and Chinese) 

 It's ideal for consumers and foodies who like to try new things and take risks with their culinary selections.  Fusion food has become increasingly popular, and you can find it in many cafes and restaurants around you, so why not give it a try if you haven't already? Please share your experience with us as well.