There are two types of people in the world; one those who swear by coffee and the other who doesn’t. The former is always the happy kind and with the rise of coffee drinkers in the country more and more are shifting towards the home grown beans. With the coffee brewing revolution is at its top Nishant Sinha, Founder, Roastery Coffee says “ India has always been one of the largest producers and exporters of coffee, but only in recent years have we become more aware and interested, to the point that we are now proud of our coffee. The specialty coffee wave in India has given rise to a growing population of coffee drinkers, thus, leading to an increase in business. 

Single estate Thogarihunkal speciality coffee/ Pic-Roastery Coffee House

 This, in turn, made the farmers more confident and further motivated them to achieve better quality. As a result, we now have superior quality coffee, happy farmers and happy customers.

Drinking coffee is almost like a ritual. This voguish beverage whether a strong-bodied espresso or a French press or a plain simple Americano, a good cup of coffee makes the day and keeping the same in mind Indian brewers have started to look inwards and explore the local homegrown beans. Most of single-origin estates, roasted by hand that too in small batches which in turn helps to ensure freshness. Paweena Withyasathien, co-founder Savorwork Roasters says that We source the green coffee beans from Yercaud, Tamil Nadu and Chikmanglor, Karnataka. We offer various type of Specially Processed Arabica coffee such as Washed coffee from Riverdale estate, Anaerobic Natural called " Fruitsbomb" from Stanmore estate, Anaerobic Black Honey from Ratnagiri estate called "Phenom". Besides, we also have some experimental processes such as Pineapple Fermentation called "Pinanas", Champagne Fermentation called "Number 2", Fruit Infused Carbonic Maceration called "Top Dog", and Yeast Anaeobic Natural called "Professor". Market has been constantly evolving and growing. Many new people are making a transition from instant coffee to speciality coffee. People have started to appreciate the work put in by the farmers and the roasters. 

Coffee beans is sourced from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

 Serving consistency in the cup to the consumer is the key and that is what we pride ourselves on and the appreciation from the consumers for our work has been immense.  More and more farmers are getting into processing speciality coffee. New experimental processes are being tried that are elevating the experience for the consumers”.

This wave of homegrown beans savouring it the artisanal way is all about getting that perfect aroma to taste. These brands have disrupted the market in a good way by introducing Indian consumers to good quality local brews and not miss that consumers too have started too appreciate and are and aware of where their coffee comes from. Grace Muivah - Brand Owner: Ngarum and Brand Head: AM PM and OMO: adds “Like most of the best things in life, coffee tastes better when it’s freshly roasted, ground and brewed into a soul-awakening coffee cup. Emphasizing on same, homegrown coffee beans with high care makes the quality better than ordinary coffee beans. One can easily fence some area of the farm and can pay extreme attention to its coffees. Added benefit, the coffee beans are raised with great interest, which makes it unique whether they are good or bad”. 

nGarum - Farmer’s Coffee

With brands experimenting with new brews, blends and more the humble coffee has seen a transformation and craft coffees are making its way to cocktails, desserts and more. Cheers to new age coffee roasters for giving a new wave of freshness and flavour