The Kapoors’ Annual Christmas Lunch With Turkey & Flambe Pudding

Among the greatly discussed events in Bollywood around Christmas, is the famous family lunch of the Kapoor khandaan that is hosted each year. The lavish spread – thrown by producer Kunal Kapoor, has been a hot topic for the past few years, due to the kind of stars in attendance. From Kareena and Saif, to Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt – there has been no dearth of Bollywood biggies in attendance at this lunch bash, which continues to enjoy its iconic status even this year. Although there was a notable absence of Bebo and her family, the lunch was a grand affair – with roast turkey and duck being the centre of all attention.

Glimpses shared by Karisma Kapoor and her siblings showed Zahan Kapoor in mid-action while carving the perfectly roasted bird. Another video also showed members of the family gathered around a table as Ranbir Kapoor waited for the host to flambe the decadent Christmas cake, that was served with whipped cream. As the family lounged, sipping on Bloody Marys and munching nacho chips, the likes of Agastya and Navya Nanda were also in attendance. Also seen in a few group photos was a plate loaded with some labneh dip garnished with pomegranate seeds, waiting to be eaten with more chips for company.

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The gala celebration saw the family catch up and spend quality time lounging after the grand feast, as all of them gathered to share these precious moments with one another. Other guests included Alia Bhatt and her daughter, Raha Kapoor – who made her first public appearance on the special occasion. The heart-warming pictures that made the rounds on social media saw everyone immerse themselves in the festive spirit and revel in the feeling of being with loved ones.