The Internet Is All Smiles With This Baby’s Reaction On Trying Popsicles For The First Time

The internet has kept us so hooked that we can’t help but go back to it in intervals during the day. Be it the recent news updates or the memes and videos to bring a smile to our face on a busy day, the internet has surely become an eminent part of our lives. However, if you are a lover of cute and adorable videos like me, then I know why you go back to the social media handles at the end of the day. I mean, who doesn’t want to chuckle watching these adorable videos at the end of the day. These videos surely make one forget the day’s tiredness and makes us smile wide before seeing the new dawn.

As die-hard foodies, we often go to Instagram to watch babies trying out foods for the first time. Their infectious smile and priceless reactions surely make our days and leave us chuckling ourselves. Recently, one such video has tugged at our heartstrings and we just can’t get over it. The video shows a baby trying out the summer delights- popsicles for the first time ever and her phenomenal reaction has made the hearts of thousands smile wide. Take a look:

In this video uploaded by the Instagram page @peanut, a baby is seen trying out an orange popsicle for the first time and has taken the internet by storm. The video was originally shared by the baby’s mom on her Instagram handle @kelsey__ward. The baby has been fed by a tube as she suffers from GERD and gastroparesis and she isn’t fed by mouth quite often. This makes her popsicle experience all the more special.

Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered around 980k views, 93k likes and hundreds of adorable comments. Take a look at them yourself:

“Her eyes got so big!! She was so happy!!!!”

“Her excitement is infectious. Found myself smiling too”

“Omg she’s precious!!!”

Apart from these comments, the comments section is filled with netizens expressing their love through the heart and heart-eyes emojis. Are you smiling after watching the video too? Do let us know how this video made your day.