The Internet Has A Lot To Say About The Viral Tandoori Ice Cream

The Internet can’t get enough of quirky food trends. Netizens love exploring unlikely food trends and often polarising recipes. From the controversial diesel paratha to Dahi Maggie and Dry

Fruit Omelette, the Internet is full of unusual food pairings. The newest tandoori ice cream is one such trend! A viral video shows some ice cream bars being grilled on hot skewers just like a tandoori dish and being brushed with butter. 

The viral video was posted on Instagram, showcases the whole preparation of the dish, and a few seconds later the man drizzled colourful sprinkles on the "Tandoori Choco-bar." Needless to say, foodies have a lot to say about this unusual ice cream recipe. “Har cheeze ka tandoori mat banao,” commented a follower. While someoe else quipped, “Innovation ke naam pe kuch bhi kar rahe hai.”

Several foodies on the Internet wondered why the ice cream wasn’t melting even when it’s on hot skewers. “Yeh melt kyu nahi ho raha hao?” asked a follower. However, it’s not unusual that the ice cream stays melt-proof even when exposed to heat since they are coated in thick chocolate. It’s similar to how Scottish chocolate fudge can be fried in high heat without the chocolate melting. 

The fudge is coated in a thick batter before being fried. This batter acts as an insulating layer that protects the fudge from direct exposure to the hot oil. The batter crisps up quickly when it comes into contact with the hot oil, creating a barrier that helps keep the heat from penetrating too quickly to the fudge inside. Similarly this thick chocolate coating in tandoori choco bar keeps the ice cream from melting. 

The coating cooks and crisps up within a couple of minutes, which is typically not long enough for the chocolate to heat through to the point of melting. The melting point of chocolate is typically between 86°F and 90°F (30°C to 32°C).